Monday, June 27, 2011

i miss you so much. i'll update soon.
sorry. cam la ada yg menunggu.. haha.. tak kisah la. nk ckp "SORRY" jugak!

really, truly from my heart, I HEART YOU all!! ;))

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


hey there. ada idea tak cmner nak hilangkan sakit gigi cpt2? huhu
i miss my FRIENDS so much..

you! You! and YOU!
you know right, that i really your presence? i really wanna see you guys. wanna hug you guys! huhu. i miss you sooooooooooo lot.

last night, my sweet, cute baby has messaged me. she got a new number. da berapa tahun tak jumpa dia. windu! plan nak jumpa dia next week tapi dia tengah exam lagi. dia ni NUR LAILY HAMDAN. i miss her. LIYANA AMALINA ADNAN too..<3

a picture of us for you:
~laily, liyana, me~

Friday, June 3, 2011


salam. long time no see. haha. macam la ada yang menunggu.

i'm already at home. i went back as soon as i finished my last paper last wednesday. although i'm not too happy with it, at least i've given my best. what to do now is only pray and tawakkal. InsyaAllah HE will help us no matter what happens. right?

i'm worried with my beloved abah's diabetes now. last medical check-up, my mom said that his blood glucose level was too high. i don't know what to do. i really wish that i can help him to lower his blood glucose level. what adds to make me worry more is what my younger sis had told me. that day, there was a minor cut on abah's foot, and the ants were there too! i was really, really shocked! it does made me worried! i really hope that at least, his glucose concentration in blood decrease. to a safer level. ;(

someone, sape2 yang ada taw resepi sihat for diabetics, please let me know.
i have searched for them on the internet, but none that really satisfies me.
i do always pray and hope abah will be recovered from his current condition.
i want to see you, abah, as healthy as before.
we, indeed, the real me too, are missing you. too lot.

i'll be back. i wanna watch u-kiss chef kiss! i'd fallen in 'love' with the group's maknae, baby dong-ho!

p/s: td pergi kenduri kahwin kenalan aku.terimbau kenangan lama. pengantin lelaki tu dulu sama tempat mengaji. he was know as Bad Boy kat tempat tu. haha. tiba2 adik aku citer sal mamat tu kat ibu aku, yang mamat tu ske flirt ngan aku dlu. haha.. siyez lawak dowh! lau engat blik. tp adik dia girl, xla kamceng ngan aku. ada magnetic repulsion gitu. wahaha!

pps: sherah! lau baca nieyh, anda blik x??? :))