Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unlogical Relation

Sometimes, other people seems to know you better than your closed friends. Sometimes, even you, yourselves do not know what to do, and indeed, you doubt your action.

Sometimes, an old friend who you rarely contact is the one who helps you rather than the person you often keep in touch. It just seems to be not in logical sequence. Why?

Sometimes, simple words like " Jaga diri" said sincerely is far more better than, " Jangan nangis". Words really play their part in influencing our emotions. Right?

Sometimes, when you are hoping for someone to be with you, comforting you, wishing that the pain will go away, but it ends with nothing. Another person will come to help you.To calm you down. Why?

Sometimes, there are no reasons for us to keep in touch. However, we always do. Why?
Sometimes, there is no absolute answer for a question, but we will always answer it. Right?

There's too much sometimes and things those I couldn't understand at all.


Salam semua,

Hari ni, mood tidak menentu. Ntah pape je. Pharmacology test besok. Revision tak habis lagi. HAHA.
Saya ponteng kelas hari ni. Sebab sakit perempuan. Da siap semua da pakai baju dan tudung. Tetibe lak, sakitlah perut, sakitlah perut, tambah sakit pinggang. Terus terbaring atas katil dengan bertudungnye. huhu.

Dugaan orang perempuan kan? Masa sakit-sakit camni, emosi perempuan senang berubah. Ko jangan terkezut lak kalau tetiba perempuan yang ko kenal, mood dia berubah drastik. Seriously, this really happens. I said this because I already experienced this. Benda ni pon turut berlaku pada diri sendiri. Tak pasal-pasal, tengah-tengah happy tetiba jadi moody, then nanges sorang-sorang. Bukan diri yang tak perfect ni je pernah kan? I bet most girls out there, also experience this.

Hari itu, blogwalking kat a famous blogger and vlogger ni. Tetiba ternampaklah vlog dia yang cakap sal benda ni. JOM LAYAN jap. i loike her~~

credit to : Maria Elena


Aku sedar diriku.
Aku sedar yang aku tidak mampu menjadi orang lain.
Aku sedar aku tidaklah sempurna.
Aku sedar bahawasanya diriku tidak mempunyai apa-apa.
Aku tidak seperti orang lain,
mampu bergelak ketawa ketika hati sedang bersedih.
Aku tidaklah seperti mereka,
yang mampu mengawal perasaan.

Ya. Aku sedar kelemahanku.
Aku sedar itu.
aku hanya mampu menjadi diriku.
Aku tidak mampu bertahan,
sekiranya berterusan disakiti.
Aku tidak mampu meneruskan,
sekiranya hatiku tidak kuat.
Aku hanya mampu menangis.
kerana bagiku, air mata adalah kekuatanku, kelemahanku.

Menjadi diriku,

Monday, February 20, 2012

 I wish your dreams will come true.
May happiness will always be with you.
May the sadness flies away with the wind.
So that, you will always smile the sweetest smile you have.
Take care.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me to You

Dear you,

Happy Birthday. I wish you a very blissful one. Make sure that your a year older is not only getting older, you must getting better. a year older, a year better, okay, my pakcik? :)

The birthday boy is the big guy in the picture ;P
my pakcik with mukhriz~~
mukhriz comellll!!!! <3<3

Okay. I was defeated by mak. Mak hantar mesej awal sangatlah. haha. comel kan mak?

Have a very happy day, I really wish to celebrate it with you. We haven't celebrated each others birthday right? pity us~~

 I'm sorry for everything I've done before. What I truly wish that both of us will now be getting more matured and stronger. No more hard feelings okay?

What I actually want to say is that I MISS YOU, boy. haha.

For what I've done before, 
For what mean things I've said to you,
For what behaviours I made you suffered,
For anything that I have done,
that makes you sad, angry, mad, etc.

but don't forget that you owed me something, prince. A very precious one. :)

you will be happy right?

a video for you. of course, from Youtube. see you, love.

Take care, my Spiderman. 
Hope you will get stronger, healthier and ours will always be strengthened whatever happens. 
Do try your best okay? You know what I mean.
and THANKS for skype-ing with me. sorry to cause you to sleep at 3 a.m.
thank you from my heart <3

this post is meant to be on 9th February. :)

lots of love,
me testing a pose. LOLS. fine. jgn 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Full Moon

Seeing the full moon, made me to realise that time really flies.
Anything can change. As HE please.

Suddenly, I remembered something. The FULL MOON. Reminded me of time, back when I was still immatured?. LOLS. But yes, seriously, I do miss them. The eyes. Shining like the full moon. I heart the eyes so much. Really want to see the eyes again. In real.

I pray that I can still meet the eyes those remind me of the full moon. Amin.


Have full class from 9a.m to 5p.m tomorrow. Gotta be strong. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Good


Currently, I'm feeling so inferior and helpless. I am no good in so many things. I wish to be like everybody else. You guys are so confident, so outspoken. I want to be like you guys. Whenever I feel this way, I can't help myself but crying. I know it's weak but I am only me. I can't help but being me.

First week of classes made me realised that this semester will not be the same as the previous semester. Myself, also have been changed a little bit. Maybe physically, but what I mean is emotionally. I really miss the moments in KYUEM. where Diamonders will be there for others when someone needs support. Yeah, I know that I must grow up. I KNOW IT. but... seriously, I do not know how to let go of the past. The past are always with me wherever I go. I know there are others who are in worse condition than I am right now.

Please help your servant to be strong.
to be a better person,
to be a new one. Please, help me.
I'm helpless.

I wish all of you a good day. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maulidur Rasul

Salam Maulidur Rasul.

Walaupun entry ni agak lambat, the siprit is still in ourselves. Pada tarikh 12 Rabiul Awal, Rasulullah s.a.w, nabi junjungan kita semua telah dilahirkan. Baginda yang sentiasa menyayangi ummat Baginda. Kita? Apa yang telah kita lakukan untuk Baginda?

Yang termampu, kita haruslah berpegang teguh kepada Islam dan mengamalkan sunnah-sunnah yang telah ditinggalkan Baginda. InsyaAllah. Perbanyakkan selawat ke atas Rasulullah dalam doa harian kita semua. Ingatlah betapa kasihnya Baginda terhadap kita semua. Kita janganlah lupakan Baginda. Marilah kita bersama-sama menjadikan Rasulullah sebagai kekasih kita. InsyaAllah.

Meh kita baca selawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. :) 

Itu saja. Jom lah kita sama2 mendoakan diri kita semua dan saling mendoakan agar kita diberi petunjuk serta hidayahNYA. Semoga hari kita semua berjalan lancar dan bertambah lebih baik. 



Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Day


Trying my best not to sleep so early. Why? Just want to practise it out. So that, MAYBE, in the future, I can use the after-so-early-sleep hours to study. Maybe. A resolution? tak terpikir plak. haha

Right now, the time is already 12.44 a.m. Yesterday, at this time, I was already asleep. Most people do right? I am forcing myself not to sleep even though, I have been yawning so many times. Here, it goes again. haha. Why? Some people may know the valid reason why I do this. :)

I have attended my first English class here, in Newcastle. It was pretty fun. To get to mingle with other people from different countries and different level of study. Being with people with different nationality made me feel that I'm not alone. What I' trying to say is that I'm not the only one having this problem. Many postgrads experience it too, thus, i must learn it. One of classmates that has become my acquaintance today is Mariana. She is from Portugal. She is very beautiful. We also talked to another girl, Caroline, who is from China. and I met Linh, from Vietnam. They are so lovely. At first, we were forced to talk but then, we chatted till the lecturer had to stop us. haha. Everybody laughed.:))

tetiba, teringat, yang lecturer tu time dia nak call out student names. Time my name, she said, " This is the longest name I ever read. Muhamad Mokhtar Siti Zulaikha............." , I replied, "YUPP!" with a giggle. lols. She said, " you have a very long name."Smiling. Xdela panjang sgt. Jadi panjang sebab nama abah pon dua. kan?? Esok bday abah! I must call home tomorrow!

My lovely February, you love me right? I love you too. So be nice to me and others okay?

lots of love,