Monday, January 31, 2011

Help Us


Saya sangat risau ngan keadaan kwn2 kita Mesir sekarang nie. Keadaan agak genting. Based on what I heard on the news, it's getting more dangerous there. The prisoners escaped as the prisons and police stations were on fire. They also took the weapons from the polices. Can you imagine how scary the situation is? I hope all of Malaysians and Muslims will be safe. 

Ya Allah, please save us, help us. amin.

For sure, a lot of families are currently worried about this. Me too. Some of my friends are there. There are my former classmates in TGB. I really hope they'll be fine. What really triggers me to write this is I heard there was a    Malaysian student was raped last night. It certainly frightens the others. Plus, there were burglars roaming around the houses area. I just hope that they'll be safe and certainly can come home safely.


this doa, I take from here

guys. please do pray for our friends there. 
do say it after your prayer. each prayer. it's the only way we can help them.
Alhamdulillah as we are still living in a peaceful country, and please,
 Ya Allah, do help us to retain this tranquility. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My 48 Minutes Survey

Instruction: Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Starting time: 2.43 pm

Name: Siti Zulaikha Nadia Muhamad @ Mokhtar
Brother(s): 1
Eye colour: Dark Brown almost to Black ( not really black like sherah's ;)).
Shoe size: 7. depends on the brands. sometimes 6 or 8.
Hair: last cut by myself in front of the mirror in L-15's toilet. owh yeayh!
Piercings: Few times, but i still can't wear the earrings. ;(
Height: 161 cm.
What am I wearing right now: Old jeans & t-s.
Where do you live: Terengganu.
Favourite number: 13.
Favourite drink: Hot Chocolate / Apple Juice.
Favourite month: February.
Favourite breakfast: Baked beans and omelette with toast( wholegrain bread) :).

Have I ever -

1. Broken a bone - Nope. But I think i'd been severely wounded on my nose cartilage. my brother's fault. haish.
2. Been in a police car - No. Kena saman pernah la. haha
3. Fallen for a friend - Yes. (not exactly friend, haha)
4. Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time - I don't really understand this.
5. Swam in the ocean - during my childhood la.
6. Fallen asleep in school - Yes. So many times but I've never been spotted. LOL
7. Broken someone's heart - I don't know. If I've done so, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.
8. Cried when someone died - Yes.
9. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call - Maybe. But I'll fall asleep while waiting. ;p
10. Saved e-mails - Yes. Meaningful and important ones.
11. Been cheated on - I've no idea. by 'friends', maybe. ;(

What -

1. Does your room look like: currently, a little girl's room. with so many cartoons decoration. soon, MY room.:)
2. Is right beside you: Beybey.*showing his cute face*
3. Is the last thing you ate: Snekku, i found on the table in the container. ;)

Ever had -

1. Chicken pox: Not really sure. My mom said i've none but my trial to infect myself with sherah's was unsuccessful. ( giler punyer kerja! :O)
2. Sore throat: Yes.
3. Stitches: Nope.
4. Broken nose:  I'm not sure mine was broken or not. 

Do you -

1. Believe in love at the first sight: Yes. Maybe. Influenced by fairy tales. lolx
2. Like picnics: Not really. But I will go if my beloved ones want me to go. :)

Who -

1. Did you last yell at - A huge spider! That made me ended up sleeping in my sis's bed
2. Was the last person you danced with - Hardly remembered. Beybey, I suppose.
3. Last made you smile - Ibu, when she woke me up this morning before she goes to work.

Final Questions

1. What are you listening to right now - Birds chirping and the wind blowing
2. What did you do today - have a bathe, watched Kung Foot, cooked spaghetti bolognaisse sauce for lunch, text to my prince, talked to Beybey, blogwalking, weigh myself, lying on bed typing this. >.<
3. Are you the oldest - Yes, but I've two pretty elder sisters. But i'm the KakYong. *_*
4. Indoors or outdoors - Both.

Today did you -

1. Talk to someone you like - Yes.
2. Kiss anyone - Yup. My Beybey.
3. Sing - Not yet.
4. Talk to an ex - No. I've none.
5. Miss someone - Yes. ;(
6. Eat - Yes. Breakfast and lunch are vital meals. ;))

Last person who -

1. You talked on the phone - Ibu to tell her that I've arrived at YT last night.
2. Made you cry - Anonymous? huh.
3. Went to the movies with - My ex classmates in form 5 together with Ummu and Faiz Fikri. yeah. so long ago.
4. Went to the malls with - Mr. Nazmi, but last went shopping with Sherah. is Grand Union considered as a mall? ;P
5. Cheered you up - Jaha and Sherah. In YT bus last nite. ;)

Have you -

1. Been to Mexico - Nope.
2. Been to USA - No. 


1. Have a crush on someone - Yes. :)
2. Books that you're reading - Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps.( perasan x sme cm sherah's? hehe)
3. Best feeling in the world - Loved.
4. Future kids names - If girls, Nadia must be included. If boys, of course my hubby's name included. right, d? *wink*
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal - Is Beybey an animal? Bear? huhu
6. What's under your bed - A pile of old magazines.
7. Favourite sports - Swimming, badmintn and jogging. :P
8. Favourite places - Bedroom and wherever as long as I'm with my family.
9. Who do you really hate - The ones those who badly destroy my family's happiness. S***
10. Do you have a job - Officially not yet. I'm a student, future graduate, a doctor-to-be( godwilling ) and His slave.
11. What time is it now - 3.31 p.m

With however long you took, post as "My __ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people.

it really took me times to type these. finally,

saya da bwat tag awak.

people to tag;
favourite people. love you all. :)
ms ila syamilla
ms mudd
ms aisya 


Friday, January 28, 2011


hello. awak tau tak kenapa saya taip ini?
sebab saya haaappppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sgt!
sebab esok balik rumah! hehe

doakan perjalanan kami selamat yer. amin. mesti bus YT datang awal. keprihatinan YT sangatlah membuatkan saya teramat SAYANG pada YT. :))

sya nak cerita sal gajah Kuala Gandah. tp kat umah yer. sebab nak pack da.

to my friends those who are going to fly soon, very soon, i wish all of you the best. pray that you will be happy and seize the chances wisely. happy for you all!  pray for me too okay.:)

Eu te amo meu bebĂȘ precioso 

Friday, January 21, 2011

butterfly in stomach

elo wassup!

another three more weeks to sit for ielts!
 i'm totally freaking out right now.
 i really pray that i can succeed in this. 
dear ALLAH, please grant my wish. 

by the way, tomorrow, i'll be going to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. to see the elephants, of course. a few days ago, i watched an elephants video sent by the sanctuary to our college to be shown to all the Bio's students. and you know what, the elephants were very cute. one of them is too much adorable. sadly, tomorrow, i'll have no digicam. i forgot to bring it from home. so i'll depend totally on my phone's 3.2 mp camera. i hope the resolution will be okay.

can't wait to see the elephants! i hope i can upload the photos for u guys later. why hope? with the slow, s*** Wifi connection, i don't know what duration it will be to upload a photo. huhu ;(

p/s: can't wait for this CNY break. YT bus will fetch us, here, at KY! what a lovely day! hee

pp/s: makin lama, makin takut. sebab A2 examinations tak sampai 5 bulan lagi. cuaknyer......

doakan yer.

chow dulu, nak gi kelas bio.. tata ;p

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waiting for the Same ;)

that day, 16/01/2011, kak ariza da selamat bertunang. who is kak ariza? she is mr nazmi's sister. i already met her once. she's so cute! i mean, she's very, very, very cute. me and mr nazmi shared to give her present for that engagement. we decided to give a box of cupcakes. dibantu juga oleh cik ila dan cikstar dalam buat keputusan ni. yang pasti, cupcakes tu teramatla comel.

pada hari tersebut, saya order cupcakes bertemakan biru putih, but taw2, theme majlis putih pink. aiyyo... yg lagi teruknye, our cupcakes were used to be the 'hantaran'. korang ley bayang tak? biru dalam khalayak pink? ni sumer salah mr.nazmi. i'd asked him about the colour theme, but he said, "maybe xde kot, pkei bju biasa je". rse nk ketok2 je. nasib baik kak ariza ckp cupcakes tu cute sgt. huhu.

saya tempah cupcakes tu kat sini, harga dia pon berbaloi. thank you kak raqyn. mr. nazmi yang jumpa kak raqyn dan amik cupcakes tersebut. kiranya, mr nazmi ni jadi 'mr post cake' la. haha. ni ada three pictures yang saya amik dari blog kak raqyn. nak tunggu gambar from mr. nazmi, tataw la bler dpt. huhu

cakap sal tunang ni, mesti dekat da kan kak ariza nak kawen. kite doakan kak ariza with her partner, kekal hingga akhir hayat. semoga jodoh berpanjangan. amin.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aiman's Tag


right now, i want to accomplish Miss Namia's tag!
sorry yer aiman. da lama nak bwat tp x terpost lagik! huhu :P chill kay, man man??

segala jawapan adalah dari hati yang tulus ikhlas lagi suci murni gtu!
*mood perasantan* ;pp

okay, enuff talking! get started with this tag!

Once u've been tagged, u' re supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end u need to tag another people. u've to tag the person who tagged you. if i tag you, it's because i want to know more about you.

so di sini saya rasa sangat terharu. aiman, love you! mwahx! ;p

1. nama penuh saya
saya ada macam panggilan nama.
sek rendah, people called me 'Siti' feymes x?? :)
both mrsm kuala krai and tgb, they called me nadia a.k.a nad ant same in KMKN.
but it differs in KYUEM coz i prefer to be called as DYA only.
saja nak menggedik.. huahuahua..
family called me KakYong, Kakak, YA, Auntie (nephews and nieces)
banyak x??

2. saya dilahirkan pada 13 februari 1991.
almost one month earlier than the due date.
berat saya time baby only 2kg plus.
my mom cakap yg i sgt kecik tyme baby till people takut nk pegang me.
saya kne duk dalam incubator tu. sbb hampir lemas dlm womb.
tp skrg me dah besar.. gemuk lak tue! ;(

3. saya anak sulung tetapi saya ada kakak.
yup! stepsis. i sgt rapat ngan sis num 3 n 4.
yang laen tu kureng. (i xsuke)
they are kak cik and kakteh.
:) hugs and kiss for both of you!

4. saya paling suka nombor!
dulu, saya ada satu habit yang boleh dikira agak weird.
apa dia? saya suka hafal num plate kenderaan kat jalan raya!
then, lau saya nmpk lagi kereta tu, saya akan cakap,
" eh, kita da pnh jumpa kereta nie la"
skrg, still ada, tapi da kurang plus da jadi driver nie. ( motif?! hehe)

5.saya sekarang tersangatlah jatuh chenta sama sukan renang!
suke sangat2. lau boley, tiap2 hari saya maw gi swimming.
i lap you my dear swimming! <3

6. saya still suka Princess Snow White.
she's really adorable. so cute. posses a very pure innocent look.
rasa2 sama tak cam saya? *gedik* lol

7. saya paling suka makan seafood. TAPI,
saya allergik terhadap makanan itu. sedeyh sgt2.
biler mkn seafood je, saya kena makan ubat.
lau x, abisla merah satu bdn.
tak pin, muka gatal2. ;(
sedeyh kan jadi saya?

8. saya tengah gigih berusaha belajar masak taw!
serius i tak tipu! lau u oll xcaya tye my mom.
setakat ni, i da pandai masak beberapa jenis lauk.
sekarang, saya nak belajar masak ayam sambal plak!
 doakan saya berjaya yer!

9. saya ada 3 adik. 2 sisters and 1 brother.
jarak umur kitorg xbeza sangat.
me n adik num 2 jarak 1 tahun lebey, ngan num 3 beza 3 tahun,
ngan num 4 beza 6 tahun.
adik bongsu me lelaki taw. so dia agak la manja.
da la sorang je boboy, bongsu lak tu.

10.  suka cuba benda baru.
i love to try new things that look fun and adventurous.
bukan tu je, dalam cooking pon ske.
saya suka googled benda2 yang saya nak taw.
tempat baru, makanan baru, fashion baru etc.

11. saya tak suka orang merokok.
lagi2 orang tu merokok dekat kawasan yang ada baby.
geram btol. kalau org tu rokok, dia g smoke kat tempat xde org, ok la.
mksdnye dia still considerate towards others la kn?

12.saya still pemegang lesen besar iaitu lesen L untuk bike.
da hampir dua tahun saya ada lesen tu.
sayang la nk amik lesen P. kahkahkah
bley x trime alsn nie? hoho.

13. saya ada satu scar kat lengan kanan. scar tu agak besar. kenapa?
sebab kena iron. time tu, saya darjah 3.
gatal nak iron baju sendiri till curi2 iron dalam bilik sendiri.
sebab saya suka tengok kedutan baju tu hilang ble iron.
then, iron tu jatuh atas lengan. time nak btolkn baju.
nak jerit tapi takut ibu marah. terus letak lotion and pakai baju lengan panjang.
tanak ibu taw. ibu taw pon mse saya form bpe ntah.
*jahat x? tpu ibu. jgn ikut taw. da xbuat k*

14. saya ada masalah problem (amik ko! kata ganda woo!) ngan slider hanpon!
slider sje tanak manja2 ngan saya.
dulu sony W910, skrg saya pakai Nokia 5610 express  music.
tak sampai setahun dia da wosak. saya ngah bersabar.
nak tukar phone baru t. insyaAllah.

15. saya takut ketinggian! paling tinggi sye bley panjat *reads naik tangga* ialah 3 tingkat. higher than that, kne pgg tgn org. seriously, it's true! most of my dreams, there were tall buildings dat can easily destroyed ( their flight of stairs la) . myb ad kaitan ngan incident tyme i was little, about 1+ year old. i fell from my house window right onto the ground, fortunate for me as my head didn't hit the tarred road. sye panjat stroller tyme tu. taw kn stroller tu ap??? ;)

16. saya juga seorang yang sangat sensitif. i can feel the change in people and the atmosphere(emotionally).
myb it's only my intuition but particularly, i can sense what are you thinking, or perfectly described as observation. my skills are very sharp enuff ok? ;p

17. i really, reaaallly love cuddly, cute teddy bear. once, i have a very cute teddy bear. his name was Mr Tedd. my beloved dad bought it for me when i was 5 to 6 years old. my Mr Tedd was the cutest among the teddy bears my sibs have that time. he wore a blue hat, and blue tux too. his life was ended by my nephew and my younger brother, they were so mean. the knew that me cant afford losing it so they hide it but i fund and tug-of-war happened. Mr Tedd was broken into two. huhu. now, i'm in love with my beybey. he's adorable okay! 

18. i love reading comics. especially love comics. the one that is translated. hehe. but, i also do read the academic books, heavy-content books and etc. i'm not a very dedicated reader. i only do when i'm in the mood to do so. huh yeah! another point.

19. i'm a person who is depending to her mood very much. to do most of the things. mood to study, mood to cook, mood to tease people and many more. but one, i absolutely have the mood to be friends to other and to love people all the time. baik kan sye nie???

20. dulu, time kecik2 sye sgt comel taw. cute! xmcm skrg. tp dulu sye gelap. till my mom risau sbb anak dia kulit gelap. huhu.nasib baik, skrg da cerah sikit wlpon x cam org lain. sye bersyukur ngan diri saya sekarang. alhamdulillah.

21. adik2 gurl sye nama dorg ada nor. sye je xde. and i'm really glad that i've none coz if i've it, my name in IC is only up to muhamad. both of them have a second id ( 2 IC) to identify their full names. :)) *hepi*

22. da kering idea. tataw nk taruk ap da.

23. my favourite number is 13. why? it symbolize me. 1 for being straight and aim and 3 for my behaviour that  can be changed to be better, perhaps. amin..

24. sye ada mslh ngan kertas2. tataw nk kemas n sort out cmne. ;( ad x spe2 ley tolong?

25. aiman nabilah, yang tag sye nie, kami xpernah jumpa face to face pon. tp kami rapat. hehe

that's all.. byk da.. tepu da otak nie nk pk. huhu..
sory. lme tertangguh.
spe 25 org tue? tataw.... huhu... lau bley sumer nk sye tag.. tp cian lak.. 
tp aiman kne la di tag sbb da disuruh dlm order kn?

p/s: cikstar. sye msih lgi utg awk stu tag. tgu yer,,,, sory lmbt.. wahaha 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


ashraff muslim. spe xknl kan? raut wajahnya sgt bersih. penghijrahan dirinya serta imej barunya telah memperoleh pelbagai reaksi daripada peminat2.

for me, i lkie the new him. i wish i'll be like that too. ibu selalu gurau pasal ashraff ni. ibu cakap, " kan bagus anak ibu jadi cam dia." fikiran aku, perkara itu merujuk kepada adik bongsuku. sebab hanya dia seorang adik-beradik lelaki yang aku ada. tetapi, itu hanya kiasan luar semata-mata. siapa tak nak anak jadi soleh, solehah. siapa nak anak mereka berperangai ntah pape. betul x?

aku sendiri pun tengah berusaha mendidik diriku sendiri. InsyaAllah. aku berharap yang aku mampu menjadi lebih baik.

terjaga dari tidur tadi disebabkan terdengar suara ibu yang cemas memanggil namaku bertanyakan kunci kereta. ibu kctaw yang ada pencuri yang telah mencuri sinki baru di rumah baruku namun, sempat dihalang oleh jiranku yang telah mendiami rumahnya di sebelah rumahku.

kini, hati kecilku sedang menangisi sesuatu. aku sendiri tidak tahu apakah 'sesuatu' itu.
zahirnya, mungkin aku kelihatan gembira dan ceria.
namun, itu hanya luaran yang sangat berbeza dengan apa yang aku rasakan ketika ini.

di sini sahaja bebelanku pada kali ini. sekejap lagi, aku nak ke klinik. aku mahu memastikan perkara yang tidak pasti. so sekarang aku mahu bersiap-siap menunggu seorang sahabat.

jumpa lagi, insyaAllah.

p/s: salah satu gambar terakhir 2010 aku. bersama kawan baikku hazrina

Monday, January 3, 2011


semakin kita mendekati, semakin jauh kita terasa.
adakah ini hanya ilusi dan mainan minda sahaja?
adakah ia memberi klu kepada kita semua?

kenapa hanya aku yang terasa sangat susah untuk pergi?
adakah disebabkan aku telah diikat oleh tali yang tidak kelihatan?
tapi kenapakah jiwaku tidak tenang?

yang pasti, aku memerlukan sahabat, keluarga serta agamaku.
aku harap kekeliruan ini dapat diselesaikan dengan segera.
aku tak nak ia menjadi "duri dalam daging"

mahupun aku dikatakan egois, aku tetap aku.
aku telah berubah sedikit demi sedikit.
namun, aku masih aku.

aku masih di sini. walaupun aku disakiti,
aku tetap di sini.
kerana aku perlukan aku di sini.

Ya Allah,
kuatkanlah hati ini.