Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flying Butterfly

Result will be out soon. I'm getting nervous. Ya Allah. Please grant our pray. I pray that we will get the best for us. For friends. I pray that all of us will be in the right path. Do make it easy for us, dear Allah. Only You can help us right now.Amin.

Friends, this is only a word from me. Some people may think our words are harsh, so before we say it, please, DO PLAY IT IN YOUR MIND. Maybe you are just being sarcastic, but it may hurt others' feelings. Thus, in this 'barakah' Ramadhan, please mind your words, to be a dai'e is not via using harsh words. please. I almost cried when one of my friends told me about this. hope all of us can be wise in using words :))

macam keadaan aku sekarang. haha

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