Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Short update


Dah lama tak menjenguk blog ni. Memang dah terbiar. Nak update takde idea. Plus, all the assignments waiting to be finished. Tapi sememangnya rindu. untuk update even though I knew that macam lah ada yang nak membaca. LOL

Enough of the thought.

Let me get straight to the point.

I MISS MALAYSIA! and the people too.
Being here, yup, it is fun, but it does not make you feel that belonged here. What I meant is you will feel sometimes lonely in the crowded place. Weird hah? ALONE in CROWD? Yes, I did feel that. I think I've developed a type of mood disorder. This thing, OMG, I wanna tell you, it is not that uncommon but it is really contribute to dangerous thoughts.

I'm being honest here, sometimes, I feel like dying. I know it is really wrong to think about that. Whenever I have that thought, I'll cry as much as I can. Then, I pray and recite Quran. You know that ALLAH is our best to depend on. Allah know His slaves. Allah know everything. So guys, kalau depressed, or sedih, or marah, get back to basics. Calm down, wudhu', solat and mengaji. InsyaAllah you will be cool and relaxed again. In a word, submitting ourselves to The Creator, ALLAH is a therapy! As a Muslim, we should do our best to increase our iiman. T-T whenever I think about this, I always cry. Layakkah aku masuk ke syurgaMu? Ampunkan dosaku dan umat Islam ya Allah.

I'll stop now, it is only a short update. At least an entry for my blog so that I can review myself in the future. :) Chowz

I miss the person who snapped this picture. Too much. <3 td="">



Muhamad Nazmi said...

miss the one who snapped this picture?? oMG! who is she?

Muhamad Nazmi said...

Haih.. lamo benor xupdste blog ni eh.. hahaa..