Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the fact

does it always meant to be like this?
when i suffer so much, it happens.
why? someone, help me. ;(

do you ever think that you'll know something that isn't expected at all?
what do you think you'll feel if you know the truth?
and plus to that, that really matters to you and others.
not just the current, the past will also be affected.

sad to say, currently, i've no one to be beside me,
when i'm needing an accompany like hell.
i hate to say that. but that's the truth.

i'm sorry. ;(


sh. said...

Hei tamau la sedih-sedih..

Sherah tau Dya rindu sherah kan kan kan :PP

Be happy. I'll share my wee rainbow with you ;)

Zulaykha Nadya said...

sory lmbt rep comment...\

share wee rainbow?? ap tue? lolx..

noting much.. lau sherah taw, sherah pon myb sedih cm sye..

sh. said...

Wee = little. Scottish people say it that way ;)

It means happiness lah, sayang. Hehe. ;D

Nanti kite jumpe, Dya cite ek << ngade2 :P

Zulaykha Nadya said...

faham la rainbow = happiness... ok2... thanx dear..

jumpa? ok. lau shearh taw, mst sedey jugak..