Thursday, February 24, 2011


when i'm feeling so fulfilled, why must i feel this way?
why must it came? i'm disliking this so much.
who the hell in the world love to feel sad, right?

my tears won't stop flowing out.
maybe it did for my naked eyes,
but it won't in my heart.

and i really miss to be accompanied by someone.
someone who really cares.
who really feels what am i feeling.

dear someone,
please. do come back in my life.
i need you to soothe me out.
i need you to cheer me up.
i need you to be when i'm despaired.
i need you to hear me even if i'm not able to say any word.

dear someone,
i hope you read this.
i want you to know that you are a piece of puzzle i can't bear losing it.
i realise that you are someone to me.
so, please be kind to me.

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