Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Underlying Hopes

i miss my beloved so much. why do i need to be separated with them? i don't wrong Allah cause i believe He has  decided the best for me. maybe through this distances, i'll become a more bold person. not dependent of others. i'll also believe that He wants to train me for the future. who knows what'll happen right? except Him The Only One.

i, now, could see the beautiful things those waiting for me. i realise happiness will come to me. even it's not everyday, i hope it'll be everlasting. though some people will keep trying to destroy it, as part of their jealousy, i definitely trust my beloved, that they'll always be with me.

some people may just pretend who they are. don't do that cause who ever you are, it is you! don't ever try to backstabbing your friends. cause they'll know through their instincts that you've done so. same goes to another relation. whatever you do, if you tried really hard to lie, please don't, just admit it cause honesty is the best policy. isn't it?

i'm giving too much. and i don't get why certain people just keep the small matters exacerbated? or it's just me who are paying too much attention? i don't know what's exactly the answer. but one thing that i'm really sure is they are just being too insensitive towards other feelings.

hey! the way you guys talk to others may hurt them okay. try to remind yourself of people's feeling. if you want to win, just, please don't hurt others. the habit sucks.

my dearest, 
i love you all and miss you like hell heaven right now


sh. said...

Because distance makes the hearts grow fonder?


Zulaykha Nadya said...

but to believe that, it really needs trust and courage.

*sigh :(