Monday, May 9, 2011


salam. it has been so long since i updated for the last one.
my lappy rosak. bukan lappy actually. it's the charger. huhu.
my phone's charger pon rosak jugak. i pinjam my prince pye since he didnt use nokia phone anymore. :)

i really miss to write. it was very tiring to hold the feelings deep inside the heart, trying to keep the pace with others. i've been feeling not so well for few days. lucky for me as my first paper willl be on next monday.

recently, i've been in a situation. a very difficult one. i'm too exhausted.
what is it?
to be in problems with my loved ones.
not jus a person, too many.
people those are so important to me. their presence are meaningful to me.

saturday's evening, my relative passed away. she was my mother's stepmom.
Al-Fatihah. semoga roh nek dicucuri rahmatNya.

today, i went to see the matron. both matrons scolded me as my face was very pale.
they asked me to do the Hb count. haha. fine, i'll do after i finish my A2 exams.
my blood pressure is normal but my 'nadi' is too high. pelik..
enough talking rants.

this final exam will determine my future.

ibu, akak sayang ibu sangat2.
doakan akak yer. i miss u too loadz. really wanna cry at your shoulders.
sbnrnye mmg akak nak sgt ibu dtg cam ibu cakap.
tp i dont want to burden you. i heart you.

dear prince,
i miss you. btw, happy anniversary... hope this will never end!


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