Friday, May 20, 2011


damn you! it's not cursing. i just let out my anger.
to feel betrayed. what?
you really s****...

if u don't, say it! if u did, admit! as easy as ABC.
u don't even have the right to do like this.
u don't have the right to treat people this way!

please think whatever you've done. cause it might make people irritated.

to that someone, YOU please do not come again!
go elsewhere. find your others. but not ME!
i'm no longer as innocent as before.
i'm a grown up. so just let me do my way.
i know it. YOU please straighten your beliefs and relationships. YOU got a lot of stuffs to be cleared up! don't ever YOU try to mess with me again.
if not, YOU know what'll happen.



sh. said...

Woh. Marahnye. Eekk. *runs*

Yeah, we're grown ups. No more messing around with us.

I'll be behind you ;)

Zulaykha Nadya said...

aiyyooo! time nie mmg ngah marah nak giler.. haha

grown ups?? tak caya i'm already 20!
feel like i'm still 16...

thank you!!! <3