Wednesday, September 28, 2011

alone and heart

a random post to express something truly deep inside from my heart.
no second thought, just speak it out.

deep in me, i am a loner. why?
I, myself do not know.
yes, it's pathetic.

from me to you,
i want you to be happy,
to know yourselves,
to feel full. not empty.

being lonely made me to start wondering,
to wonder far away,
some of my dearests have left me,
wondering when will i join them,
in what situation,
only He know.

alone in my little space,
triggers me that there are still people who loves me,
waiting for me, wanting to see me,
can i still meet them?

alone in this way,
just made me to re-read all sms in my phone,
i still have elder sisters those love me,
wanting me to be healthy, happy,
and with no worries.

being lonely,
i realise that i still have my family,
abah and ibu,
whose love are infinite for me,
no boundaries,
even if i've hurted them,
they love me.

while being alone,
a glimpse on photo frames on this desk,
searching for the warmth in the eyes,
to accompany me in this coldness.

being alone, yes, sometimes made us alive. to keep motivating ourselves. to remind us what we have lost and what we still posses. appreciate what you have.

dear abg cik, 
ya sangat rindukan abg cik. during my departure dat day, i thought of you. if you are still with us, you will come to see me, aren't you? i am sorry for not being able to see you at your last moment. we miss you.


miss namia said...

napa nadya ? anything wrong ?

Zulaykha Nadya said...

nothing's wrong dear. just alone.

Noora Syamilla Darmawan said...

alfatihah buat abg cik.. saba ye?