Monday, September 26, 2011

the new environment

long time no see, dear friends. it's not that i don't want to meet you but it's just the mood is not coming. :P

last 22 september 2011, i flew away from Malaysia with a mixed feeling.
sad to leave my loved ones, worrying if i will still meet them again, thinking about my life without them in the new place, thoughts never leave my mind, made me to keep thinking.

-thinking so many things have made me realised. No Pain No Gain.
- I need to sacrifice something, leaving my loved ones far away, to gain more knowledge.
- I pray that Allah keep my beloveds in good health. i want to meet them again.

long time before i took this path, i've already left my family for boarding school, but this time, it really takes a lot of time to realise they are so far away.

although abah couldn't come to send me at the airport, i could feel your presence abah. i know that you really love me as much as i love you.

dear ibu, i love you so much. i am sorry for the wrongs that i've done. i didn't mean to hurt your feelings. i love you so much. no one can replace you in my life. thank you for being a really wonderful mother. i promise you i'll go back in the summer holiday. insyaAllah.

to others, i really love you guys. it's just that i don't know how to express it. thank you for coming and giving me the moral supports. thank you.

to muhamad nazmi. i am sorry for not being able to talk to you that night. you know i want to right? i am sorry. thank you so much for coming. i heart you a lot.

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