Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i looked like i am happy. yes, sometimes. but i'm faking it.
i don't want my beloveds to be worrying about me. i hate to hear sighs from my beloveds. i always wish my beloveds are happy and no worries. i wish i can lightened the burdens of my beloveds. but, sometimes, vice verse occur, isn't it?

who loves to look the people who they love sighing and complaining all the time?
who likes to be a burden?
who adores to be hated?
none of us did. Right?

i've just recovered from my fever and flu. just a little left.
i miss my mom so much. i realised that i can't meet her till next summer. how i miss her.
too lot.

akak terlampau sayangkan ibu.
akak minta maaf ye.
akak rindu ibu sangat2.
u will be beside me whenever i need you. 
u will love me whatever i did to you.
u will never leave me. i know. 
i am sorry to hurt you, i miss you so lot.

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Noora Syamilla Darmawan said...

dont miss too much:( nnti ended up dgn menangis..