Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winter Holiday

A month holiday was too short for me. I mean, time really flies. Isn't it? Now, I must start my revision for the examination. Where is my mood? MOOD! Come back to mummy. Mummy needs you. Stop the mood for dilly-dallying! :))

By the way, I went to York. York is famous for its Designer Outlets stores (D.O for short). I spent five days and four nights, staying at seniors' house. They are so lovely! I adore them so much. Being together with them really makes me feel loved. They are so caring. Although that was my first time meeting them, you really can't tell it when you see the bond between us. I, now, am missing them. So much. About my trip to York D.O, I bought three pairs of shoes; two pairs of Clarks shoes, and one pair of Reebok running shoes. And, a pair of tracksuit. I am so happy with my purchases! Wanna see them????

Yesterday, I skype-d with my beloved family. I miss them too lots. Alang and Adik really wanted to make me jealous. They showed me all the new things that have been bought. They even showed me their bedrooms. walaweyh! I want to go home. The best thing skype-ing with them was, that I could see my dearest parents' faces. I can see Abah and Ibu. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

Maybe that's all. See you again. Hope so. Mwaah! xoxo

On boat! ;p


Anonymous said...

kata kasut baru..where are they??xpkai pon..hahaha.itu kat mane??

Zulaykha Nadya said...

tu ada dalam gambar. cuma xpakai. haha