Saturday, May 8, 2010

8th May

today is 8th May. an important date for me. i really hope that today will be a great one too.
i hope that we'll be as loving as always.

but pity me. i don't know what had happened to me today. PMS? hell nah.. Stress? don't think so.. crying baby? i admit i'm one.. so please do allow me to cry! it is the one which made me as i am. and i'm not ashamed with it at all! fullstop! nothing will change me. perhaps...

8th May 2009. the day i was one. the day i was taken. the day i was thinking so hard about. the day i'll never ever forget in my life. the day that i'll always take care about as long as i breath.
and 8th May will be the date that i wish it will never end. will be always in the calendar. 8th May. i absolutely hope there'll be no quarrel, fight, anger or sadness on the day. i wish happiness for all the days in our life. May Allah help us together.

8th May is the day my heart's his.

i'm really sorry for everything i had done that hurts your feeling.
no intend to that, dear.
i want to thank you a lot for being so patient towards a cry-holic person like me.
and i want you to know that i'll always love you.
ich liebe dich...

sorry guys lau korg xske. maaf sgt2..
tp i need to express it..
miss you muhamad nazmi...

~ gantikan yg bju kuning tu ngan muka di bwh yer!~ ;P


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