Friday, April 30, 2010

CiE... and Between Choices

coming soon...
are you fully prepared, nadia?
i suggest nope.
don't know.. haha
but i'll do my best revising all.. amin..

today, i feel kind off a bit down.
it's all because my IELTS band.
it's horrible. sangatlah teruk.
(tataw la YT akan warn ke x. huw)

~ must stand up again!~

my Malaysian study's quiz had been answered quite well although there were some questions that i wasn't able to answer them perfectly correct. i hope it also may gain mark. i want to reduce the must-get-score for my final. really pray that i'll be able to do it. :)

i really want to fly to UK!
i'm determined to do it.
absolutely flying with the scholarship not the loan.
that means i must achieve the flying colour results.
YT asks for 2A 1B. at least.
but most university will ask for 3As for medicine course, but 2A 1B for biomedicine.

Virologist? Cardiologist?
which one? perhaps the chosen one is the best for me. InsyaAllah.
it determines my life. thus i need to be confident in it.
right? :P

but, whatever i do, i'll do my best in it.
if it happens to you guys, you all will do the same as me right?

eternal? forever?
sherah prefer eternal.
what about you?

i hope to go to Leeds or Queen's Belfast or Southampton or Cardiff.
but they require 7.5 for each component in IELTS.
firmly pray and will put greater force and effort in it to achieve that.

I miss you, my honey bear!

I LoVe You, Ibu and AbaH


mahmudah said...

all the best nad!!
u can do it.
lets pray dat
flying to uk will not b a dream anymore.
it,s a reality.
godwilling. aminn

sh. said...

Aikk aikk pink! o.O

*high5!* Hihihi. Jum. Let's do this. We can fly, yeahh!

Zulaykha Nadya said...

mudd: yeah... thank you!
always pray for that...
insyaAllah.. amin..

sherah: pink??? hehe
let's do this!

sh. said...

Dya letak chatbox please. Hehe xD

ps: Blinkies itu sangat cute =P

Anonymous said...

dya..all the bezt for you..u can fly to Uk..its a guarantee..Insyallah...

Zulaykha Nadya said...

sherah: ye.. t letak ea... :P

anonymous: thanx.. tp spe nie ea??