Sunday, July 25, 2010


today just wanna babble about my PS... huhu... plus, i don't know which uni to choose... kan best lau sumer ley anta form.. haha...but there's some universities in my consideration..

they are ( tulis cm nk kc award plak..) haha

1. university east anglia
2. university of warwick
3. university of manchester
4. king's london college
5. university of birmingham
6. university of newcastle
7. university of dundee
8. sheffield
9. edinburgh
10. queen's belfast

no maximum university is 5!
and i don't know which to choose...

hope it's the best..
btw, is it okay to go for medicine through biomedicine path??
pray for me guys...
see you... ;)


aisyaLALALA said...

wah, seronoknye nad. everything's gonna be alright. i'll pray for you and all other friends. all the best yaww ;DD

sh. said...

Biomed is fine. ;)
Jum jum gi UEA. Hehe. Strathclyde x mau ke?

Peminat Katie Holmes said...


Zulaykha Nadya said...

aisya: thanx.. u guys too... i'll be following you guys... i know u guys are the best.. ;)

sh.: UEA trmsuk kot.. strathclyde xpsti ag.. sbb xfhm requirement ap... haha

peminat katie holmes: marwick2? warwick is it?