Thursday, August 19, 2010

Contest Sye dan Baby by CIK AWYNN..


this entry is specially for me joining a contest held by Cik Awynn..
sye taw from mama zharfan's blog..
feel like to join coz i love baby.. hee ;p
(harap2 ada rezeki ramadhan.. lol)

i choose this because i really love the expression on arisa's face ( baby)
she's my cousin... at that moment, Arisa was about two months...
berat dia tyme tu, da hmpr cecah 5kg... berat gler...
CHUBBY sgt!! 
da la putih... hehe
thats all..
me n arisa.

the lucky tagged people :
~ cik star
(hope korg masuk yer)


Cik Awynn said...

yeay.. penyertaan diterima . good luck ye :)

sh. said...

Pic dengan baby kucing amik kire tak? =P

Zulaykha Nadya said...

cbe tye cik awynn.. hehe