Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dropping phy

just now, i had told my dearest dr.foord that i'll be dropping my physics.. feeling so sad... coz i really love physics class... i'll know i'll be missing my physics class so much cause there are a lot of awesome people in there... i felt really comfy working with my table mates... Q and Zulikhwan.. zuli too had dropped physics.. EARLIER THAN ME.. now, only Q is left... the AWESOME table has lost its awesomeness... what made it awesome?? its us... the combination of three of us were really good! ( poyo puji diri sendiri.. haha) tapi seriously, our group was awesome! now, harris has joined the table... left Q with harris... even dr foord himself said that our table is very popular.. many people want to sit at the table.. don't know why...

guys!! gonna miss you! 
haha ( mcm la xley jumpa da..)

till the application for UCAS is sent, our life here will be very 'hectic' as a lot need to be done..

i hope i'll get offers from the universities i'll be applying to.. 
i intend to apply:
1. warwick uni
2. east anglia
3. birmingham
4. newcastle
5. imperial/ manchester/ dundee

depends on the requirements...
i need to be awake! 
my IELTS is getting bad...  
I HAVE TO get at at least 7.0...
 but everyone do wish higher than that, ryte??

okayla... that's all for now...

info: td i main ujan jap.. haha... ;p


aisyaLALALA said...

nadya, you'll get higher than that. trust me. all the best kayh ;DDD

Zulaykha Nadya said...

pray for me... amin...
btw, congrats for your ielts..
hope i'll get as same as you... :PPP