Monday, January 25, 2010

mIxeD up!!! ~

today is MONDAY... people love to say that monday's blues happen (btol ke x?? pape je la.. lOlx~)tp ari nie kind of exhausted.. pnt gler2.... pg td kls start ngan physics...
in PHYSICS class, dr foord showed us the diffraction and interference of waves gne laser...
info tmbhn utk kami:

L - light
A - amplification
S - stimulated
E - emitted
R - radiation

besht sgt!! truja kowt.. haha... :P talking bout physics, last test was really bad... hancur kot..
tp hrp xdela trok sgt... huhu... teringat sal test nie sbb dr foord ckp nk diskus esok.. hahahaha..

then, kls IELTS with lovely mdm zaharah... she's soooooo kind... really understanding.. her grandson is really cute.. <3
dlm kls td, we were given task to create a POEM... theme: LOVE... bersempena the Valentine's Day..

teacher's intro about this was we need to give syazwan asyraf, the only guy in our class our poems... haha.. teacher was making jokes bout that... da la si asyraf nie stu group.. ttbe nk kne wat poem utk dia???? no way!! hell no~ then, teacher told us just make a poem to anyone who we love... mom, dad, husband, wife, sisters, brothers, friends... last but not least, boyfriend or girlfriend is also included... hee...( his favourite word? kot.. ~^^~)

now, the time for CHEMISTRY.... triple blocks.. we were done with experiments 1 and 2 during that hours... today's experiments were really fun... 'playing' with the chemical solutions... trying to guess or solve what cations and anion present... ~QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS~ love ya... huhu
our chemistry lecturer is miss aqilah... she's so friendly but sometimes we kinna afarid of her..
she loves to use high-pitched voice kot... haha.. tcer.. sory...:P

here it came... the STATISTICS math test.... felt so relieved when it's over... although didnt manage to answer all questions confidently, i felt satisfied with what i had done... :) abg 4flat xley marah... ;p but tomorrow's mornig, the PURE MATH test is waiting for us... da la awl2 pg... aiyyoooo... firmly hope that i'll manage to do it... God willing... :)
tp kn awl2 mse nk jwb test td, ktorg tergelak sbb miss aizan ckp " u may start now" pdhl ktorg blom dpt question booklet lg... haha.. sumer cm terpengong( ad ke word nie?? ~thinking~)
bgus gak arr kd gtu sbb kurang skit rse ke-nervous-an tu...

BIOLOGY... potometer.. mls bebenor bler tbe bab nie.. huhu... tp xley.. kne guk!!!
ari jumaat nie ad test on transport in plants... study nadya.... kter kne pulun la ea...
miss yatie ckp esok msuk tajuk bru da... kne la revise blek...

~ me wit mysara~

~ yaya with ashraf~
joce n radhi too...

~ klasmet bio: ifa n ummu~

MALAYSIAN STUDY subject sgt best wit mdm halijah as our lecturer.. she's so sporting... love to share opinions with us... tp kn stu je, tajuk individual project blom decide ag... ap ea??? ad idea x???

abis ngan sesi akademik 25 jan di kyuem...

start ngan aktiviti2 laen plak... bangsawan... backdrops... smbung blek keja cat-mengecat smlm.. best dowh bwat keja cmnie... pnt sikit la... but once, kte tgk hasil yg da cyap, bangga gler yg ktorg rupanye yg cat bnda tue.. ~hee

~ slh sorg painternye ;p~

~ tekun x bwat kerja??? ~

td ptg dgr ad meeting MCC mlm nie... tp nseb baek utk committee for bangsawan yg dipilih ari tu je... ak ngan sherah totally selamat sbb ktorg tyme ari tue kuar g tg malim... hahahaha..
ad hikmahNya kn??? ;)

think that's all i can nag today... sbb nk study math plak.. kang xpasei2 kantoi besok xke kcian... huhu.. xley sit paper math this sem plak.. so chowz... :P


starlover said...

yes. pilihan yang bijak kuar haritu kan3

wahaha. xde keje komen blog dya =p

*keje byk sbenarnye T.T

Zulaykha Nadya said...

amboi2... haha.. tp btol guk kn??
nie la org ckp mst ad hikmah di sebalik setiap kjadian.. hehe:P