Sunday, January 31, 2010

DrEaMs cOme tRuE???

could the dreams symbolize something in our life? cud it be any clue for the future? could something in dreams happen exactly the same in the real life? dont know whether it is a FACT or a MYTH.. ~wondering~

dpt idea nk tulis nie sbb ak jatuh smlm tyme nk kemas2 brg backdrops... skit gler.. tgn ak luka.. dalam guk arr... ntahla... xley nk duduk btol2.. sket sblh kiri.. esok egt nk g jumpa matron.. want to ask her if she can bring me to any 'tukang urut'... xtahan la.. smlm xley tdo!! pkul 5.30 kot bru terlelap... bdn ak pown rs cm xsehat...panas2 sejuk... kepala pown cm berat semacam je... xnk demam... ad diskusi malaysian study, physics... chemistry nk msuk chapter baru plak... biology ad test lagi... chapter protein synthesis.. last sem py tajuk... abisla cmnie.. da la tyme tu mmg
xfokus lgsg.. pk umah je... :(

it is lucky for me as i don't need to go to the New Block ( place for all the thing for Bangsawan are done)... thanx kak pika... :) i'll help u guys if i feel better... right now, i am laying 'cosily' on my bed with beybey beside me... i can't lose beybey coz he is a gift from my prince.. <3>
teringin sgt nk jumpa prince.. nak kuar jalan sme2... huhu.. bler la ktorg ley jumpa ea... jeles kot tgk pairs kt KY nie... everyday jln sme2, mkn sme2, study sme2... ~jelez gler~ bey... wndu bey... huhu..

i think that's all i could write for now.. my head is spinning... till then.. tata :)

PRINCE, i love you so much.. hee... ;)

~ my beloved prince~

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starlover said...

warghh saye lagi jeles dengan anda dengan prince =/

btw, beybey is a he? o.O dya selalu kot peluk beybey (biar nazmi jeles, wahaha)..beybey busyuk =p
I thought beybey pompuan.kehkeh =p