Saturday, January 23, 2010

tHinKing of so Many Things....

today, feeling so eager to blogging.. haha... my chaletmate is my blogging's teacher..
credit to her...
~nie la sherah, hehe :P~

ari nie, ad painting n touch-up session for the Bangsawan... really feel the pressure.. aiyya...
the Bangsawan is coming soon... before the CNY holiday... talking bout the CNY, i feel so HAPPY to say that our beloved YT will fetch us here.. heee... ( jimat dwet RM 100+ :>)
love YT.. thanx pok li... <3

prince bgn lewat ari nie... dorg blek dri gadek hot springs pkul 1 pagi kot last nyte.. (info: dri fiezul).. huhu.. penat kowt... blek micet dri kl afta maghrib then out to gadek hot springs plak
tue.. enjoy je keja... ~jeles gler~
~ my beyloved beybey~

kt cnie, in kyuem, located in our lembah beringin, there's soooo much activities and events... really need rest... da la esok ptg screening test stats... sdp je blogging pdhl xstdy lg nieyh... haha..
;p yg jd bz sgt sbb:

1. The screening test MATH ( Pure n Stats)
2. Bangsawan..... ( House )
3. Malay Cultural Club- organizing the Bangsawan... huhu
4. MCC lagi ~ Dikir Barat competition in March (decorations)
5. Fundraising :- house trip to PULAU TIOMAN
-MCC lgk.. hahaha
6. Our trial exam in April
7. the AS exams in May/ June... ~sigh~

those are roughly listed the events that will be faced by me n other students in Batch 12 or the July 2009 intake... chaiyyouk... u guys... jom strive sme2.. hehe...

but i miss u prince spiderman...

~ missing him soo much~
plan nk hangout wit yuni, jack n others kot mgu dpn... tp xtaw jd ke x.... bowink la duk dlm chalet je.. asyik tdo n on9 n homework je.. huhu..need some refreshing, energetic life!! haha

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