Friday, January 21, 2011

butterfly in stomach

elo wassup!

another three more weeks to sit for ielts!
 i'm totally freaking out right now.
 i really pray that i can succeed in this. 
dear ALLAH, please grant my wish. 

by the way, tomorrow, i'll be going to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. to see the elephants, of course. a few days ago, i watched an elephants video sent by the sanctuary to our college to be shown to all the Bio's students. and you know what, the elephants were very cute. one of them is too much adorable. sadly, tomorrow, i'll have no digicam. i forgot to bring it from home. so i'll depend totally on my phone's 3.2 mp camera. i hope the resolution will be okay.

can't wait to see the elephants! i hope i can upload the photos for u guys later. why hope? with the slow, s*** Wifi connection, i don't know what duration it will be to upload a photo. huhu ;(

p/s: can't wait for this CNY break. YT bus will fetch us, here, at KY! what a lovely day! hee

pp/s: makin lama, makin takut. sebab A2 examinations tak sampai 5 bulan lagi. cuaknyer......

doakan yer.

chow dulu, nak gi kelas bio.. tata ;p


sh. said...

Tgh freak out jugak ni ;((

Tapi esok we're gonna have some fun with the elephants yeah? xD

Zulaykha Nadya said...

freak out gler2!

fun with elephants? aah..
tp bengang ngan org kat ctu...
*****s :-S