Sunday, January 30, 2011

My 48 Minutes Survey

Instruction: Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Starting time: 2.43 pm

Name: Siti Zulaikha Nadia Muhamad @ Mokhtar
Brother(s): 1
Eye colour: Dark Brown almost to Black ( not really black like sherah's ;)).
Shoe size: 7. depends on the brands. sometimes 6 or 8.
Hair: last cut by myself in front of the mirror in L-15's toilet. owh yeayh!
Piercings: Few times, but i still can't wear the earrings. ;(
Height: 161 cm.
What am I wearing right now: Old jeans & t-s.
Where do you live: Terengganu.
Favourite number: 13.
Favourite drink: Hot Chocolate / Apple Juice.
Favourite month: February.
Favourite breakfast: Baked beans and omelette with toast( wholegrain bread) :).

Have I ever -

1. Broken a bone - Nope. But I think i'd been severely wounded on my nose cartilage. my brother's fault. haish.
2. Been in a police car - No. Kena saman pernah la. haha
3. Fallen for a friend - Yes. (not exactly friend, haha)
4. Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time - I don't really understand this.
5. Swam in the ocean - during my childhood la.
6. Fallen asleep in school - Yes. So many times but I've never been spotted. LOL
7. Broken someone's heart - I don't know. If I've done so, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.
8. Cried when someone died - Yes.
9. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call - Maybe. But I'll fall asleep while waiting. ;p
10. Saved e-mails - Yes. Meaningful and important ones.
11. Been cheated on - I've no idea. by 'friends', maybe. ;(

What -

1. Does your room look like: currently, a little girl's room. with so many cartoons decoration. soon, MY room.:)
2. Is right beside you: Beybey.*showing his cute face*
3. Is the last thing you ate: Snekku, i found on the table in the container. ;)

Ever had -

1. Chicken pox: Not really sure. My mom said i've none but my trial to infect myself with sherah's was unsuccessful. ( giler punyer kerja! :O)
2. Sore throat: Yes.
3. Stitches: Nope.
4. Broken nose:  I'm not sure mine was broken or not. 

Do you -

1. Believe in love at the first sight: Yes. Maybe. Influenced by fairy tales. lolx
2. Like picnics: Not really. But I will go if my beloved ones want me to go. :)

Who -

1. Did you last yell at - A huge spider! That made me ended up sleeping in my sis's bed
2. Was the last person you danced with - Hardly remembered. Beybey, I suppose.
3. Last made you smile - Ibu, when she woke me up this morning before she goes to work.

Final Questions

1. What are you listening to right now - Birds chirping and the wind blowing
2. What did you do today - have a bathe, watched Kung Foot, cooked spaghetti bolognaisse sauce for lunch, text to my prince, talked to Beybey, blogwalking, weigh myself, lying on bed typing this. >.<
3. Are you the oldest - Yes, but I've two pretty elder sisters. But i'm the KakYong. *_*
4. Indoors or outdoors - Both.

Today did you -

1. Talk to someone you like - Yes.
2. Kiss anyone - Yup. My Beybey.
3. Sing - Not yet.
4. Talk to an ex - No. I've none.
5. Miss someone - Yes. ;(
6. Eat - Yes. Breakfast and lunch are vital meals. ;))

Last person who -

1. You talked on the phone - Ibu to tell her that I've arrived at YT last night.
2. Made you cry - Anonymous? huh.
3. Went to the movies with - My ex classmates in form 5 together with Ummu and Faiz Fikri. yeah. so long ago.
4. Went to the malls with - Mr. Nazmi, but last went shopping with Sherah. is Grand Union considered as a mall? ;P
5. Cheered you up - Jaha and Sherah. In YT bus last nite. ;)

Have you -

1. Been to Mexico - Nope.
2. Been to USA - No. 


1. Have a crush on someone - Yes. :)
2. Books that you're reading - Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps.( perasan x sme cm sherah's? hehe)
3. Best feeling in the world - Loved.
4. Future kids names - If girls, Nadia must be included. If boys, of course my hubby's name included. right, d? *wink*
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal - Is Beybey an animal? Bear? huhu
6. What's under your bed - A pile of old magazines.
7. Favourite sports - Swimming, badmintn and jogging. :P
8. Favourite places - Bedroom and wherever as long as I'm with my family.
9. Who do you really hate - The ones those who badly destroy my family's happiness. S***
10. Do you have a job - Officially not yet. I'm a student, future graduate, a doctor-to-be( godwilling ) and His slave.
11. What time is it now - 3.31 p.m

With however long you took, post as "My __ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people.

it really took me times to type these. finally,

saya da bwat tag awak.

people to tag;
favourite people. love you all. :)
ms ila syamilla
ms mudd
ms aisya 



sh. said...

Hahaaa took you so long. :P

Thanks shayang ;) *gedik*

Zulaykha Nadya said...

eyh! u so fast! haha...

*ley bayang x dlm conversation?

p/s: da start ber'study' ke? ;p

sh. said...

I kan efficient LOL xP

p/s Harini rehat dulu la. Malam karang start. :P

p/p/s Nice song. I like it. ;)
I, too, can't live a lie.

aisyaLALALA said...

heyy nadya!

hihihi nanti kite buat ekh >.<

mahmudah said...

hai nad,hai beybey! haha
okayyy. will do :))

Zulaykha Nadya said...

sherah: mlm nie sye nk enjoy dulu. pnt xabis agi... huhu

nice song? b4 nie xdgr ke??? ;p

aisya: bwat taw... even though kter taw korg bz... hehe :))

mudd: *beybey say Hi!* okay! ;)

sh. said...

Sebenarnye semalam tido. Pfftt. Hahahahhaha

Kan, laptop pon silent. Cemane nak dengar. LOL xP

Zulaykha Nadya said...

haha... same2... kihkihkih,,,

da agak! haha.. kite kan peng'silent' antarabangsa... :)))