Monday, July 11, 2011

penat sangat. kerja best. ada a new boy. a year senior than me. he's kind of cute. lolx. just joking. he's doing part time too, while waiting to start his second year in UIA Kuantan. He's doing Mathematics. Cool huh? ;)

enough the rants.
my objectives for this post is to tell that ;
-  my left leg is 'ill' ( i 'terseliuh' =forgot what in english! laugh okay? )
- i am currently happy with my life. i feel that i am surrounded with happiness. Alhamdulillah. may this will last long.
- i am purely nervous. about? you know what. ;(
- my friends who did the IB ( International Baccalaureate) succeed with flying colours. congrats you all. pray that i'll be joining you guys too. :)
- yang ni penting! i have successfully baked a cheesecake! a marvelous one. people who taste it, said that it was yummy. and friends of my younger sister asked the recipe for it. hehe. (padahal resepi internet je pon.)

tomorrow, i'll be working in the morning. alone to take care the petrol pump. he's working in the evening. bertambah penatla esok.

sayonara. :)

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