Thursday, July 7, 2011

part time + results

it has been a while since my last entry. yes, i did miss my blog but I've no idea what to type. plus, I'm currently doing part-time job at a petrol station near to my house. this is where my younger sis has been doing part-time since last three months. so, HERE I AM doing the same thing.

yes! it's hard enough to get money with your own effort but i am glad that i'm given the chance to try. at least, i'll not do nothing at home except eat,sleep,eat again, and so-on while waiting for the results.

talking about the results,
- i am totally freaking out! takut sangat2. ;(
- i always pray that we'll be joining our seniors too.
- it'll be out in middle of august. if i'm not mistaken.
- i've not yet give my e-mail to the account department. how ah?
- about the unis, i also have some confusion. what to do, how, when. and others too. who can help me?

i am sorry. my phone is not functioning well. ye la. telefon pon zaman apa da. huhu. i want to buy a phone that can only text and call. haha. not so much functions. mana tak nye, fon canggih2 sumer cpt rosak. takpe2. i revert to the original. :PP

today, my working shift is in the evening. i'll start at 3 plus pm and ends at 11 pm. :))

okay, that's all.

p/s: i've to tell you guys that i succeed in baking cake myself! and i also succeed in creating my own recipe. new ea? okay la, modified one. i am happy with it. hehe. in the process to learn being a good daughter and wife-to-be. haha :)

i want to upload a picture of doa that i snapped from a book;

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