Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Tinggal beberapa hari sahaja lagi untuk diriku menghadapi the first paper of Biochemistry. Ya Allah. Kuatkanlh diriku untuk mengharungi peperiksaan ini. Kau sihatkanlah tubuh badanku serta mindaku.

I've taken some personality tests. They can be easily found on the internet. Yes, I am a very sensitive person.
Ini rekaan semata-mata, but the answer is truth.

Kalau ada psychologist, maybe diorang akan tanya camni.

  1.  Do you easily get irritated by others' words?
    • Answer: Yes. (with nods)
    2.   Are you aware that your emotions can quickly change from happy to sad?
    • Answer : Yes. ( with a little laugh)
    3.   Do you still remember the slightest sad memory that you experienced when you were in primary school?
    • Answer : Yes, yes. ( water flooded my eyes)
   4.   Have you ever cried without a reason and you realised it?
    • Answer : Yup. 
   5.   Are you crying right now?
    •  Answer: No. ( but tears fall down)
   6.  Tell me. Are you thinking about your beloveds right now?
    • Answer : Uhem.. 
   7.  You have lost someone whom you loved so dearly. Am I right?
    • Answer: Yeah. My brother -in-law. ( i thought this pro was a psychic)
   8.  If someone yell at you with a sudden, you will shed your tears. If someone gets angry with you, you can't help yourself but crying. Correct?
    • Answer: Seriously, it happened. Am I very sensitive?
Then, they will try to say like this;
- Yes, you are. 
- But you realised the problem, and that's why you are here with me.
- You want to get rid of this feeling. 
- You do not have to worry about this.
- It is because of your hormonal imbalance, and your psychology behaviour.
- I'm sorry to ask this." Did you, by chance, in the past, experience something that makes you extremely sad? I  mean a shocking moment." Again, I nodded and will start to cry. Specifically, I will weep.

mata budak ni lawa kan. biru~~~~

5 minutes later, I will regain my calmness. They will say that, I became like this is because I experienced some traumatic moments in my life. Figured it!

Walaupun these are questions from myself, I did cry while typing this post. Why did it happen? because:


so I am sorry for who I am. Sorry guys. 



Anonymous said... matter how sensitive you are, I will be beside you always...don't you worry about the past..I can ensure you it won't happens again..believe me..I love you..anytime anywhere..

Zulaykha Nadya said...

mr anon. tolong letak nama anda. haha. are you sure about that? that it will not happen again?