Friday, January 20, 2012

Seriously, man.

hi there.


Today, I finished my Genetics paper. waaa~ (rasa cam nak bergolek kat lantai, sedih~). After the paper, I went to Newcastle town, just nearby the campus. To release the disappointment, anger, and whatever feelings I have that time, I went shopping and eating. Lols. At first, I was just thinking to be a window-shopper, BUT, lastly, I bought so, so, many things. Why does this happen? Cause My Love, Mr. Genetics, has given a very, very hard time to me. Seriouslyyyyyy, man! 

tiba-tiba teringat . Masa nak keluar dewan tadi, ramai yang mengeluh. "It was damn hard", " Seriously, it was very hard!", yang paling tak boleh blah nye, ada seorang kawan perempuan ni. Dia jerit, " It was F**KING HARD, man!". Time tu jugak, rasa nak gelak campur nak nangis. Memang susah. :-(. I have given my efforts in answering all those freaking questions and now, I just put all of my efforts to be settled by HIM. Tawakkal to Allah.

Enough of that.

I read about someone who cried because of a friend. She told in her post. She said that she was unintentionally yelled at her friend. She just raised her voice to call her friend because she needed her to do works together. She is working as a cashier, together with her friend. She needed to sum up the total sale before going back but her friend wanted to leave her doing the work alone. That's why she called her using loud voice, after calling her in an appropriate way many times. Then, back at home, she checked her phone and got a message from that friend. The friend said that, " Ko memang berlagak pandai", and others. She cried. The friend is close to her. Reading her post, I can really know that she loves that friend. I hope that she will get stronger and solve this problem. Be strong, sweetheart.

To cry because of a friend. What do you guys think?

For me, in this case, the friend should really think why that girl called her using that way. It is also your job, Not hers alone.
In general, I tell you that I have cried so many times because friends. It is because I love my friends so much. I can't afford losing my friends except those who annoy me too much. lols.

Lastly, I want to share a video about Newcastle University and the theme song for Newcastle.
Enjoy. do watch it okay! Love you!

this is my campus. :)


a new input to me. Surah Al-Imran ayat 37:

Maka ia (Maryam yang dinazarkan oleh ibunya) diterima oleh Tuhannya dengan penerimaan yang baik, dan dibesarkannya dengan didikan yang baik, serta diserahkannya untuk dipelihara oleh Nabi Zakaria. Tiap-tiap kali Nabi Zakaria masuk untuk menemui Maryam di Mihrab, ia dapati rezeki (buah-buahanan yang luar biasa) di sisinya. Nabi Zakaria bertanya:” Wahai Maryam dari mana engkau dapati (buah-buahan) ini?” Maryam menjawab; “Ialah dari Allah, sesungguhnya Allah memberikan rezeki kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya dengan tidak dikira”.

>> There's nothing impossible to Him. Bayangkan tiba-tiba kat tepi kita, ada makanan. Wah. Hebatnya Allah. SubhanAllah. Masya-Allah. There's a senior who adds another story, although Allah can easily give Maryam 'rezeki' just like that, He asked Maryam to at least to shake the date tree to make the dates fall. Think about this, He can just make the dates fall to Maryam without needing her effort.but why He asked her to do that? In my point of view, maybe Allah want to let us know, that He will give us the best when we put our efforts in. This applies to most of things in our life. Isn't it? Will we hope for miracle when we do nothing to have it? I think no one will.

That's all. See you. Insya-Allah.


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