Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 & 2012


Happy New Year! Semoga this year will be a more better than the previous year. For me., the very last minutes of 2011 and the very early hours of 2012 is filled with uncertainty. Uncertainty of myself. Conflicts with other half of me. Yes, it was very shocking. Indeed, I, nearly suffer a heart broken. haha. Thanks to my sweetest friends who are willing to hear my heart out, to be with me when i need someone, Thank you so much. I love you all.
cam myself right now. ;p

This uncertainty will never get away from my memory. I know it is a burden but to not let this thing happen again, I must be aware of it. I was really disappointed and it felt like there was a very little, tiny thorn that has scratched my heart. Even it has been discarded (cam laboratory punya word, haha), there will always be a scar. It is not the matter of how big the scar is, the important fact is, it is indeed a SCAR. no matter what, its presence cannot be avoided.

tapi kalau guna bio-oil, yang iklan tu lah, dapat hilang scar ke?

I am plainly lucky that I am still chosen. I hope it is from a pure heart. Sometimes, I laughed at myself, and I asked myself, "Nadia, are you mad? Why did this happen?" Seriously, I do not know what to say to myself. I want but I can't. I just pray to The Almighty One, that He will help me to choose the right one. Thank you Allah for showing me this thing. For giving me the chance to straighten this out. For not making it to go further. I am really grateful to you. Alhamdulillah. I assume it as a sign from You. thank you.

Maybe it was just a hurdle that I have to face. An obstacle to be tested in this real thing. Like someone said, maybe it is only an escapism. Presumably, it's true. Cause I do not want to make this things more complicated. A person said to me, that yours will be much better. That yours is pure. Are they true? Only my heart knows.

In Manchester. with sis Eiza.

That is all, for now. Bye sweeties. :)


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