Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Day


Trying my best not to sleep so early. Why? Just want to practise it out. So that, MAYBE, in the future, I can use the after-so-early-sleep hours to study. Maybe. A resolution? tak terpikir plak. haha

Right now, the time is already 12.44 a.m. Yesterday, at this time, I was already asleep. Most people do right? I am forcing myself not to sleep even though, I have been yawning so many times. Here, it goes again. haha. Why? Some people may know the valid reason why I do this. :)

I have attended my first English class here, in Newcastle. It was pretty fun. To get to mingle with other people from different countries and different level of study. Being with people with different nationality made me feel that I'm not alone. What I' trying to say is that I'm not the only one having this problem. Many postgrads experience it too, thus, i must learn it. One of classmates that has become my acquaintance today is Mariana. She is from Portugal. She is very beautiful. We also talked to another girl, Caroline, who is from China. and I met Linh, from Vietnam. They are so lovely. At first, we were forced to talk but then, we chatted till the lecturer had to stop us. haha. Everybody laughed.:))

tetiba, teringat, yang lecturer tu time dia nak call out student names. Time my name, she said, " This is the longest name I ever read. Muhamad Mokhtar Siti Zulaikha............." , I replied, "YUPP!" with a giggle. lols. She said, " you have a very long name."Smiling. Xdela panjang sgt. Jadi panjang sebab nama abah pon dua. kan?? Esok bday abah! I must call home tomorrow!

My lovely February, you love me right? I love you too. So be nice to me and others okay?

lots of love,

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