Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unlogical Relation

Sometimes, other people seems to know you better than your closed friends. Sometimes, even you, yourselves do not know what to do, and indeed, you doubt your action.

Sometimes, an old friend who you rarely contact is the one who helps you rather than the person you often keep in touch. It just seems to be not in logical sequence. Why?

Sometimes, simple words like " Jaga diri" said sincerely is far more better than, " Jangan nangis". Words really play their part in influencing our emotions. Right?

Sometimes, when you are hoping for someone to be with you, comforting you, wishing that the pain will go away, but it ends with nothing. Another person will come to help you.To calm you down. Why?

Sometimes, there are no reasons for us to keep in touch. However, we always do. Why?
Sometimes, there is no absolute answer for a question, but we will always answer it. Right?

There's too much sometimes and things those I couldn't understand at all.

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