Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Good


Currently, I'm feeling so inferior and helpless. I am no good in so many things. I wish to be like everybody else. You guys are so confident, so outspoken. I want to be like you guys. Whenever I feel this way, I can't help myself but crying. I know it's weak but I am only me. I can't help but being me.

First week of classes made me realised that this semester will not be the same as the previous semester. Myself, also have been changed a little bit. Maybe physically, but what I mean is emotionally. I really miss the moments in KYUEM. where Diamonders will be there for others when someone needs support. Yeah, I know that I must grow up. I KNOW IT. but... seriously, I do not know how to let go of the past. The past are always with me wherever I go. I know there are others who are in worse condition than I am right now.

Please help your servant to be strong.
to be a better person,
to be a new one. Please, help me.
I'm helpless.

I wish all of you a good day. :)

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Saya Piya said...

stay strong diya.. =)