Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me to You

Dear you,

Happy Birthday. I wish you a very blissful one. Make sure that your a year older is not only getting older, you must getting better. a year older, a year better, okay, my pakcik? :)

The birthday boy is the big guy in the picture ;P
my pakcik with mukhriz~~
mukhriz comellll!!!! <3<3

Okay. I was defeated by mak. Mak hantar mesej awal sangatlah. haha. comel kan mak?

Have a very happy day, I really wish to celebrate it with you. We haven't celebrated each others birthday right? pity us~~

 I'm sorry for everything I've done before. What I truly wish that both of us will now be getting more matured and stronger. No more hard feelings okay?

What I actually want to say is that I MISS YOU, boy. haha.

For what I've done before, 
For what mean things I've said to you,
For what behaviours I made you suffered,
For anything that I have done,
that makes you sad, angry, mad, etc.

but don't forget that you owed me something, prince. A very precious one. :)

you will be happy right?

a video for you. of course, from Youtube. see you, love.

Take care, my Spiderman. 
Hope you will get stronger, healthier and ours will always be strengthened whatever happens. 
Do try your best okay? You know what I mean.
and THANKS for skype-ing with me. sorry to cause you to sleep at 3 a.m.
thank you from my heart <3

this post is meant to be on 9th February. :)

lots of love,
me testing a pose. LOLS. fine. jgn 

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