Thursday, March 1, 2012


Asalamualaikum. Apa khabar? Hendaklah sihat selalu. :)

Tetiba terasa rindu kat sini. Dalam dilemma sebenarnya. Nak pergi ke tak? tiket dah beli, tapi rasa berat hati. Tak tahu napa. ;(

by the way, I'm determined to lose the weight I gained since I arrived in UK, during the winter holidays. I'm really going to lose it. at a reasonable rate. I'm not going to do diet. I will just increase my activity levels. Please. I wanna be like myself before the departure. HAHA.

Am I worrying things too much? I'm afraid I'll be having cyst again. This arose when I had a very painful period pain this month. Is it possible for it to develop again? I hope it will not. :(

trying with the scarf style. :)
Look at my 'pipi'. My mom cakap TEMBAM! *sobs*

lots of love,

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Anonymous said...

its not tembam..we called it 'cumel'..^^