Thursday, March 18, 2010

StoRy for 1st Day..

da lme rsenye ak xpost entry... nk kata busy, mmgla... tp xpost bkn sbb bz.. it's all about my unstable emotion lately... haha... penat seyh ade emosi yang tak tentu arah nie... poning eden.. siyez!! ak pown baru je sembuh dari ketidaksihatan yang berlaku kepada diriku atas sebab kesalahanku sendiri... ~padan muka~ kesnye: ak makan udang... BANYAK!! (nada bangsawan, hehe) apa lagi... antibodiku mula la bertindak ke atas pembawa alergi tersebut... haha.. demam.. badan ak da merah2... hehe.. lantakla... lepas hajat ak makan udang... yg jadi teruk sgt sebab udang tu udang ternak dlm kolam.. biasanye aku makan udang putih atau udang laut.. yg tu kurang skit kesan dia... tp nk bwat cmne, nk mkn sgt... :P

feeling like to write about my days in MiCET, Melaka... it was a short weekend for me.. because i do want it again... last entry, i had told about my decision to MiCET was made on that day... ~crazy?~

after class on that 5th March,
-last class was physics class... went to lunch... at the DH, i decided not to go... back in chalet, in my room, landing on my bed full with books and papers, thinking again... took handphone and texted bey.. asking... then i told him i'm going.??? haha... me too dont believe it'll happen...

- pack things then called pakcik rusli whether he'll be able to fetch me at KY to KTM Tg Malim or not.. then, he said ok.. at that moment, nothing else were in my mind except my route going there.. it's my 1st... could i do it???

-bought KTM's ticket to Seremban... in train, my feelings were mixed up..

fear+missing+worry+excited= hard-to-describe

lucky for me to have friends that help when i need them... thanks to ifa, sherah, dalila so much... you guys had helped me a lot to cope with the journey..

~ in train~ ^^

- BEY... thanks to them too... coz, witot them, i don't think i'll be able to meet you.. :)

- smpy Seremban, i took the bus to Tampin.. dlm bus tu, i was messaging sherah.. sherah, thanks for you accompany... konon nk panjat kidnap beybey ea??? haha.. :P prince plak ngada2 btol ckp yg dia mgkn lmbt lar... sedey je... xabis2 nk ty ktne... love bey..

- akhirnya smpy di Tampin dlm pkul 8 lebey dkt pkul 9 mlm... mcg bey ckp yg da smpy.. dia ckp okey otw.. but xsmpy 1minit kt ctu, ak maen pusing2 dikejutkan ngan kemunculan someone who i missed so much, MUHAMAD NAZMI... it was a really pleasant surprise my love.. tq..
( nseb baek org xde heart disease, lau x for sure tamat kt ctue, heart attack la.. )

- then ktorg g mkn kt KFC Tampin. di sinilah ktorg berdua berkomplot mengenakan ila n rakan2.. haha.. mkn snack plate tp bey mkn 3 ketul ayam disebabkan ak xabis.. mkn satu je... thanx bey tolong mintakkan tomato sauce from bro tue.. cyap bkak yang baru kot... cweetnye kt cnie bler bey ngan tak malunye mnx kakak kfc snap pix ktorg berdua.. haha :P

~nie la pix tue~
( nazmi nmpk cm angel kn?? me: x... huhu)

- after that, the journey to MiCET... dlm Citra Khairie, (appreciation to mr.khairie) i made a call to Noora Syamilla using bey's phone... waiting for her voice answering the call then i shouted her name... ila py la marah kn??? tol x ila??? hehe.. nazmi cakap ko nangis cam budak2... :P

-kat bilik jmpe ila after saying gudnyte face to face to bey... bey was so sweet.. hee.. love ya~

-a surprise for mudd, annie, alma and aisyah... really happy to see you guys... :)) wanna meet you all for a longer period... chatting...hehe

i think that's all for this post... the story for 6th March will be updated later... wait for that...

see you... love... :)

miss you bey.... :*


ila syamilla said...

aha~ benci! dikenekan n terkene!

starlover said...

Ahaha *evil laugh*

Mari kita kidnap beybeyyy! LOL =P

Zulaykha Nadya said...

ila: jgnla benci sye.. huhu.. :P
sherah: kidnap beybey??? pnjt partition ke??? t trsekat kt ats bwu taw... heeh

fArhAnA said...

friendship will never ends! ;)

ila syamilla said...

ala.. benci2 sayang. haha =P

Zulaykha Nadya said...

farhana: yuppp!! :)
ila: ea??eyt.. lpe nk amik pix 4m ko that day...

ila syamilla said...

aku tak mau bagi! haha.. jahat x??

adieq said...

trimas kaseh kwn2 nadya..hehe

Zulaykha Nadya said...

ila: ko mmg... tp ak nk guk!!!

bey: ;p