Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a PiEce Of PuzZLe

today is 3rd march. yep... a week to go for the Dikir Barat and Traditional Dance. yesterday was 2nd march. it is the birthday of my two beloved person. one is my younger sister who is currently in her Form 4 in Terengganu Elite School Mak Lagam ( TESMAL )or we simply called the school M.Lagam. haha.. the other one is my buddy named Hazrina or Yana. we knew each other since we were in the Year 2. that was 12 years ago. yupp. these people who i love so much. who stand for me when i was accused, who were beside me when i need accompany, who motivate me when i was down, who are really needed by me. i love both of you. i wish that those two will be blessed by Allah wherever they are, whatever they do, for the success in the world and not to forget the 'akhirat' one.

today i feel so different. i'm not me. why? i don't know. deep inside my heart, i'm crying for a thing. i really hope for the thing to reappear in my life. please.

our time is really packed ryte now. having all the activities to be done in this two-month period. MCC: will try to boost the spirit, decorations?? yeahh,.. i'll start today.. insyaAllah
study: lots of things still need to be revised and covered up
the TRIAL = 5th april. ( about a week after the mid-term holiday)
the A.S CIE = 12th may ( about 3 weeks after the House-trip to Tioman )

last nyte, i was really sad. after i got a phone call from my mom, i received the news that my dearest brother-in-law, abg cik is currently in hospital. i was about to cry when my mom said that kakcik needs to bring back her children to their house at about 4 a.m everyday due to no guardian for those lovely kids. they need to be back at home by 6.ooam to go for the school next day. kakcik, maafkan ya sebab x mampu berada di samping kakcik sekarang nie. i wish that i can help you to take care of your children. sending them to school. even be beside you. be strong kakcik. i'll always be with you. let your feelings out kakcik. i know that all this while you are holding yourself pretending nothing happen. but when you hugged me, i could feel your heart, kakcik. i love you so much.

i love their family so much. abg cik is diagnosed to suffer the 'leukimia'. actually, we knew it before but abg cik's mother didn't give permission for abg cik to get the treatment in the government hospital. i knew she was afraid because she had lost her youngest son back years then due to brain cancer. the tumor had been removed but he still need to face the chemotherapy. she doesn't want to see her son suffers like that. she ince told me that she feels better to see her sons in front her eyes rather than to send them to face the hurting chemo. i couldn't hold my tears anymore. i love abg cik so much. i don't want to lose my dearest person anymore. Ya ALLAH.. please help abg cik and kakcik.

abg cik... please be strong.. i know you want us to be happy. i know you love us. but we really need you. myself is is still needing your guide. you had given me the right path, showing me the life. but i need you to complete my life. i can't lose a piece of puzzle. without you, i'll lose it. please.. be strong. i want you to meet someone. i want him to meet you. i love you abg cik.. you are really a brother to me. my really, strong brother.

their children are my beloved nephew and nieces. they are so lovely. i don't expect it to occur to those lovely children. rien, auntie harap rien akan tolong ma jaga adik2. auntie taw yg rien sgt sygkn ma and abah. auntie syg rien sgt. jg aisyah, ateh and deqnul ye. ya Allah.. please help these children.

~ wit them~

~wish to see them like this~

how i wish i was in terengganu. beside my kakcik. beside abg cik. beside zarrin. beside aisyah. beside anis. beside ainul. i really wish that i can be there.

guys. who read this post. please do pray for my abg cik too. please pray that he'll be safe. i really appreciate you guys.

i think that's all because this post is going to be the really emotional one. sorry frenz.

abgcik, kakcik.. please be strong, i'm with you.
love you all...

syg bey


ila syamilla said...

ohoi~ bz bona akak nih!!! =)).. gudluck!

Zulaykha Nadya said...

ko nmpkk yg tue je.. huhu
ak sedey...

adieq said...

sowi nadya..i can do so sorry

Zulaykha Nadya said...

its okay dear..
i hope u'll meet him..

fArhAnA said...

be strong because everybody will face their own struggling time. just pray for the best and try very hard to overcome any obstacles.insyaAllah..

Zulaykha Nadya said...

thank you farhana...
i'll keep it in my mind... thanks for your precious advice again... :)