Monday, March 1, 2010


i think it's about 4 days since my latest post. i did want to write but i couldnt find the right time. lately, i admit that my mood wasn't so stable. sometimes, i felt very sad but in a blink, i could be as happy as a king. myself also didn't understand what's going on with me. haha. sounds weird right? yeahh! i know. i did feel the same too. maybe it's kind of related to the trial and A.S which is coming very soon. i'm so scared. perhaps, we can do it with great efforts and achieve it with flying colours results. i firmly hope that it'll be realized. sherah?? ryte??

i miss my mom. really miss her. wanna hug her so much at the current moment. i need her to comfort me. to pamper me. i miss her. ibu, rindu ibu sgt. how i wish that i'm with her right now. beside my dad and siblings. i miss them. i need them to be with me always. i miss the moment we were always together. having chats till midnight. snuggle together on the bed with my sisters. i miss our playful moments pampering ourselves with massages. not to forget my beloved younger brother. he won against me in the remote control car race. playing badminton together in the evening, jog at the beach. I MISS THEM!!!

bey. i really miss you too. i was very sorry to do that. i have no intention to do that at all. what i have in my mind is only i'll always love you. nonstop. can i do that??? ~^^~ beybey said that he misses you too. :) i wish that i'll be in the same place with you as mudd and fiezul do. so jealous! sorry yeah mudd and fiezul. but sy sgt jeles ngan korg! huhu :P
my only prince tu kne sengat tebuan. ciannye bey. korg x rase ke tebuan tu jeles ngan diriku. that's y dia manja2 ngan prince. so childish ryte thinking this way. haha.

just now, meeting MCC. election for the committees. actually, i don't want to hold any post but i did tell sherah that i wanna be the treasurer. it's a joke ok? haha. but finally, i am the Fundraising exco. cmne la terminat fundraise plak. haha. lau ak taw ad org laen nk, ak xkn accept kot. i absolutely hope that people with lots of posts will do their best for the jobs. sherah kne tolong saya. hahaha.. pdn muka. :P

the interhouse dikir barat and traditional dance competition is heading us very fast. bley tak lau nk lepaskn geram ckit? bley la yer. smlm, ak mmg BENGANG gler arr. geram btol. sorry to say that i was totally annoyed with people who love to give orders to people without thinking the effects to that particular person. ak ley terima la lau dorg nie beritahu awal2 swuh cari barang minggu nie jgk. ley la ak plan nk gi mane. bengang dowh. mane x nye, kctaw ak pagi smlm. pkul 10 lak tue. then ckp nk kne beli brg ari tue guk. okay la. da satu bnda yg bwat bengang. 2nd, ak kuar g tg malim ngan sherah. cari brg2. tp yg main : polystyrene boards and velvet cloth tu xde. sbbnye most shops were closed. lau kctaw awl2, ley guk ak plan gi kl ke hape ke. mmg xilang ag la. byk dosa da ak bwat dgn kutuk dorg je.. :(

malaysian studies py written project pon xsiap lg. need 20 pages. title: 1 malaysia.. korg ad idea x nk ckp sal ap lg? ak da kering-kontang da nie. ak wat kesan and konsep je. submission date: 9 march 2010. a day before Dikir Barat. hope i'll manage to do it soon. insyaAllah. quiz might be conducted during this week. plus, esok ktorg triple block 5 means that about two hours in the LT2 ( lecture hall 2) :/

i think that's all for this one. see you in the next post. soon perhaps. miss you all.

nazmi. i love you


adieq said...

love u too nadya!!!

starlover said...

^ hamboih..hik =D

right right Dya. *angguk je*


Zulaykha Nadya said...

adieq: ske eja nadya kn??? hahha

starlover: good girl.. :)