Thursday, February 4, 2010

BanGsaWan vs AkaDeMik???

Today, i feel kinna ‘energetic’.. ntahla... ak xtaw nk ckp pe... hehe.. ;-)

Smlm turn for Diamond to use the Great Hall for the Bangsawan rehearsal.. after class, 4.15pm, we went straight to the New Block. All of us were required to move the props n backdrops to the Great Hall.. then, the rehearsal was done using the props... feeling kinna excited to see the real Bangsawan.. i admitted that this Bangsawan really need hardwork from all people in the house... i absolutely appreciate to those who come... thank you...

Nk taw x peranan ak ap dlm cter tue??? Hahaha... ak la dayang raja... hehe... pd awalnye ak kna jd permaisuri... tp ak xmmpu kot nk bwk watak utama.. i told the seniors bout that. N ask for their help to change me with the other seniors... bkn ap.. berat sgt responsibility tue.. da la event paling grand kolej kot.. xnk ak...penting gler Bangsawan nieyh.. xclap ak, mne2 house mng for the Bangsawan nie akan dapat HOUSE CUP!! That’s why the seniors mmg pntgkn gler2 arr bnda Bangsawan nie... kat cnie, mmg smgt rumah tue kuat gler.. HOUSE-ism tu sgtla kuat and truly can be seen.. hahha...

Permaisuri turns to Dayang... haha

~ zunnu and me ( dayangs ;P)~

Houses available in KYUEM (ceyh ayat cm ley pilih2 house je kn?? Haha.. ak bangga ngan DIAMOND!) are :

1. Diamond The House of Courage

2. Sapphire The House of Glory

3. Garnet The House of Enthusiasm

4. Topaz The House of Rocks

Houses nie mmg kompetitif gler.. sumer bnda nk relate ngan house... plik btol... haha... yg best sal Diamond nie ktorg ske CHEERS.. ari tue nye CHEERS COMPETITION ktorg mng... yeah!!! Hahaha...

Dlm Bangsawan nie, ktorg nye duration utk lakonan is 30 minutes included for the time to organise the props and backdrops. Smlm ktorg manage to do in 35 minutes.. and 5 marks DEDUCTED for every 1 minute extra... huhu.. So lau ikut smlm nye mse ktorg da lose 25 marks... need to be more efficient.. yeayhh... guys.. we all can do it!! Hopefully we DIAMOND will win this year.. amin.. J

Bangsawan2 guk.. tp akademik xley lupa!! Mmg kne pndy manage masa dowh.. tyme to revise n do homeworks... lebey2 lagi lau ad test.. cm ak.. besok ad test bio.. on protein synthesis.. aiyya.. mlm nie ad props n backdrops lg... tataw la bler nk study..

Ttbe rse nk ckp sal bnda nie plak... ak xberapa suka la ngan org2 yg selfish gler nieyh... xturun for Bangsawan lgsg.. taw la nk study.. tp org laen pon ad byk bnda guk nk bwat... lg satu.. bkn ak nk kutuk ke ap.. tp ak ngaku ak ssh nk terima nasihat org yg xbekerjasama dlm byk bnda.. for instance, xbekerjasama dlm Bangsawan and other things.. taw la xske ngan bnda2 cmnie... tp get involve la... ak pown xske guk tp pk org laen pon byk kerja guk bkn ak sorg... xfair la lau org laen bwat kerja n the kter xbwat kn??? Lau korg kne cmtue, bengang kn?? So try to get involve.. kdg2 lau ad test tu mmg la dpt excuse... bknnye dorg nie kjm sgt xbg excuses..

Ari nie ak dpt taw berita sedey... siyez ak xsgka jd cmtue... perhaps it will be ‘repaired’..

Esok kne anta blue form to the exam dprtment.. this blue form signed by ur subjects’ teachers indicate you will be sitting for the May/ June CIE or not... so mmg important gler utk anta blue form nie...

~nie la blue form tue~ ^_^

Smlm i called my mom... and she really happy to keep me up-to-date about my dearest youngest brother... ibu cakap adik da rajin.. da pandai kemas umah.. haha...the story happened when my uncle and his family wanna visit my family last Friday.. ibu nk kemas la sikit2 kt bahagian ruang tamu tue... tp ibu bz nk msk sediakn mknn... then the hero came forward offerimg help to ibu... adikla... dia ckp cmnie, ‘ xpe2.. biar adik kemas umah.. ibu masak...” hehe.. bangga ak!! ~ttbe je~ ^^

~ alang, ibu and adik~ luv

Last but not least, i really miss


so much.... hee..

~ cumel kn??? ;p~

i LOVE you bey... selalu terfikir bler la i’ll see you again... huhu...

syg n windu bey!!!

Do love me always kay??? ;p

Miss n love my family too... J


adik said...

eh..spe tu??cam kenal je yg pgn beloon tu..haha

Zulaykha Nadya said...

cm knl? cumel kn dia tu... hehe..
dia tu la nazmi.. haha.. love