Monday, February 22, 2010

The PosTpoNed piCturEs

~ me with ummu in the bus~

bosan dlm bus. apa lagi.. snap arr gambar! kn?? lau dlu, ngan NOORA SYAMILLA DARMAWAN, lagi la.. mcm2 posing dowh. setiap events ad je pictures.. miss u ila. :p

~ dua orang yg bajet~ :P
(harris n harinn)

this two boys were previously in my induction group. of course we are the DIAMONDERS!!! and harinn is our PRESIDENT for the SC. dorg nie bley dikatakan T's big fans la... haha.. sbnrnye, dorn nie ske mengskandalkn diriku dgn 'a creature' mentioned in last post. mmg kureng arr... da byk kli kne warn ngan ak.. hehe :P

~ assakir's smiling?~

talking about assakir or simply called 'sakir', he's very active. his opinions are usually worth-trying. he's the choreographer for the last Bangsawan. he's in the same Malaysian Studies class as me. block 5. he's really good at history, i think. and not to forget, he's from KEDAH too. same as my bey. haha. :P

~ wit my chaletmates~
( p/s: ktorg satu tutorial group. both of them will be doing PHARMACY)

~ mas, me and pika~

sherah and pika will be doing Pharmacy in UK. they are also sponsored by my beloved Yayasan Terengganu same as me. so my chalet, L-15 consists of three YT students and a private student, Mas who will do her Business degree in UK or Aussie. up to her. she wants to apply for scholar too with her exam results. wish she gets it. :)

~ our group = the cute gurls :P ~
( sherah, me, najwa, pika, ain, ummu )

our tutorial group is specially allocating the doctors, pharmacist and biologist. most of us are taking all sciences subjects. we are hoping that we'll get good conditional offers from universities. really hopes for it.

~ nie plak the winning group = opponent~
( acap, harris, azman, harinn, ASSAKIR, ames)
info: assakir wasn't in the group

this group allocates the engineers-to-be. except sakir who's in our tutorial. opposing us, they take the Further Math whereas us are doing the Biology. Further Math vs Biology. :P

~ while waiting for the bus~

acap isnt in our batch. he's younger than us. he's in batch 12.5. but he's a really friendly person so he didn't have the difficulties to set him in among us. and he also played the 'tabib' part during Bangsawan. his trademark," Tuanku. beza manusia.. hanya takwa." hahha.. really fun!

~kt restoran~
( xpasan pon ad camera ngah snap)
fokus cam= ummu!

nie plak keysah si ummu ngan action minum air dia. haha.. ni ain yang snap. tataw la cmner ak ley kelihatan seperti memandang kamera. walhal ak xperasan pon. haha.. tyme nie, ktorg ngah tgu makanan ktorg yg Mr Beadsworth belanja tu. mlm tu, mkn nasi goreng yg ada udang. ad UDANG! tp ak melantak guk. sebabnye, ak lapar sgt. ak baru terfikir napa ad bintik2 merah kt certain parts of my body. rupanya alkisah si udang nie.. aiyyo...

kay la... ak rasa setakat nie la sal pixs nie. ak nk bersemayam. haha.. tata..

sayonara, frenz...

bey... lourve you! mwahx!

~ love you, dear~


ila syamilla said...

uh.. kim salam harris! haha

Zulaykha Nadya said...

ttbe nieyh... haha

starlover said... sungguh gemuk T.T

Zulaykha Nadya said...

gemuk?? pliz la sherah...

lau awk gemuk, sye ni di kalangan obes kot. haha