Monday, February 22, 2010


today, i felt so weak. felt helpless. my heart cried in its own rhythm. i don't know what it's for. but i admit i feel so sad and lonely. i felt so rejected. (xde kaitan ngan my love) perhaps it's nothing. just my own bad intuition. i supposed it to be like that. i don't want to be rejected. just my own feeling. there's nothing that can prove i was rejected. so NADIA don't be prejudice. strive for the infinite excellence. yeah!! come on dear. i need you! <3

sherah isn't feeling well. do have rest okay. you will need to be really fit this sem. you can do it friend. just call me if you need help. i'm just in the next room. :P

another thing to worry about. my COUGH ! it is not getting better. what things that i can do to reduce it. it's really disturbing. i can't sleep very well due to this. this cough really like to play with me. i haven't drink ice for weeks. i did consume the lozenges. but why this cough doesn't go away from me??? did it really love my throat? no way! please, cough. :(

just came back from MCC meeting. discussed about the coming

Inter-House Dikir Barat and Traditional Dance Competition.

and sad to say, Mdm Halijah didn't allow the members to be involved in the Houses' team.

i want to dance. i miss dancing so much.

absolutely missing it. nk masuk dance!! huhu.

last i was on the stage for the traditional dance in Form 3 in Kuala Krai MJSC.

in TGB, the girls wouldn't have the opportunity to involve in the performance either dancing or singing; if not, there will be huge CONTROVERSY.

i am still a dance lover. perhaps i'll be in it again in the future. oh, dance.. how i miss you.

tomorrow, my class will start at 9. this means that i'll be able to sleep for longer time. :P back to academic things, i felt horrible when i did my organic chemistry test yesterday. i didn't understand what the questions want. i bet my marks will be a nightmare too. :P this will not last longer. i'll try my very best to overcome this, teacher. pray for me okay. :)

almost forgotten! i had not uploaded the pictures when i went for the bowling that day. ain and najwa said they are addicted to the bowling too. 'kinna'. so eager to go there again and want to challenge that group! wait for us, guys. you'll see these cute girls winning against you all. HAHAHAHA~evil laugh~ ^^

ILY nazmi

miss you ibu

love abah


starlover said...

Feeling much better now, masyeh =D

Sorry semalam mengelat. Hee. Tengok, tak makan ubat pon okeh jek =P

Zulaykha Nadya said...

haha... xmakan ubat ea??
okeyla skrg..

haha.. so pharmacist, u need to create new intersting medicine..