Sunday, February 21, 2010


is something abstract. subjective. infinite.
But for sure, it does exist... LOVE = sayang, ryte? but what does the word CINTA stands for?
cinta= LOVE? because films always have the , " saya cintakan awak = i love you."
so does it mean LOVE = cinta?
if sayang, i do know how did it feels. for cinta, i always wonder about it, thinking is it only a word to replace sayang or it carry something specific meaning. ~*_*~

Don't know why right now i'm feeling to write about this word. Someone once asked me what did i think about the word CINTA. and i absolutely have no idea to talk about this word. but then, i agreed with that beloved person that SAYANG is far much better word to express the feeling. and saya sgt SAYANG akan awak. :) sincere from my heart. <3

today, i let my mind to think about so many thing that might happen in the future. i keep it to be insane as there are so many things those are still not sure. AS examination, predicted grades, conditional offers, A2 examination, and university placements. these are sure to happen but my place is not sure yet. it's really making me shivered. (".) i don't want to be negative in thinking but i felt that way! and i don't want to be that way. right now,
i badly need friends.
 i need you guys to accompany me.
i need supports.
i need motivation to keep me in tracks.
i need to be in the right path. i need to be in phase with others.
i need it.

this reminds me of the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai film. Rahul once said," love is friendship." ( absolutely in Hindi )
without friendship, there's no love.
 person who i love is my lover. 

he's my truly best friend. 

he's my brother. 

he's my heart.

he's my laugh. 

he's my leader to the right way.


he's my everything.

thank you dear for being my Love.

what is it actually? it's different for each person. but there's a similarity all of us have about love. love is connecting people.yes, it is. connecting the world. the same goes to ISLAM. we are connected to each other. even though we are from different countries, different races yet we are relatives. thinking again about this, something big is currently happening in our world. our relatives are in trouble. they are helpless. i do respect to those who are so brave sacrificing themselves to bring up the truth. Masya-Allah. they posses the JIHAD.  how i wish that i have the spirit too.

i think that's all for now. i hope that we are heading the right way. Insya-Allah. amin.

luve n miss u, dear
ILY ibu, abah


starlover said...

Love is hurt. And pain. And tears.

But true love is eternal happiness ^^

But still, it hurts =p

Zulaykha Nadya said...

yepp... agree...

perhaps we have the true love... :)