Thursday, February 25, 2010


today is present ryte? but some time had already passed. for me, today is a gift. we are still given the opportunity to live in His world. to worship Him. but do we realize that most of our tyme is used to the 'duniawi' things? it shouldn't happen like this. we are Muslims. so we must know our responsiblities towards Allah. this is kind of reminding myself too.. sometimes, it's hard for us to wake up for Subuh but did we realize if He wants us to 'blackout' certainly we'll be. we should be thankful and grateful to Him as we are still alive. let's us together try to change.. OK? :)

ari nie, ak ad test physics on waves and also practical test. alhamdulillah. even though my practical was kind of 'short of time'. but this is test = practice. practice makes perfect! one phrase that always keep motivating me. yeah.. i miss Sir Santhaana and Cgu Maryam so much... really miss them..

Sir Santhaana is a good friend to me. he did really care about me. i do really want to see him and his family. he has a son and a daughter. really cute!!! ( best kn lau ad baby) ^^
he was my former English teacher. he is really close to me. every time, he rides his bike passes my house, dia akan hon. haha.. lau jmpe ktorg kt mner2 pon, dia akan hon.. kuang3..
his wife is really sweet and gorgeous.. her name is Guneswari. now they are staying in Ipoh as both of them are working there as teachers.. dia nie my former hockey coach jgk.. tyme final match bler tah, ak nk msuk jgk ngan kaki ak tgh sakit. ak mmg mnx btol2 arr ngan sir tyme tue.. akhirnye dia msukkn guk.. da lme xmaen hoki.. ntah ad lagi ke x skills ak sbg attacker.. haha

napa la kolej nie ad alternate saturday as a working day... lau x, ley guk ak balik ganu cuti 3 ari nie.. xpon balik ayer keroh... ak ngan cuzin a.k.a kakna ak da plan mcm2 da nk bwat lau g melaka.. last2 xdpt... sedeyhnye! kakna.. yong minx maaf.. kem slm kt org laen yep.. haha

td, DIAMOND won against sapphire... bangga dowh!! haha.. then wlpon ktorg kalah ngan topaz, tp xbyk sgtla.. 25-21.. but that was a great match.. imagine that topaz has players who are really volleyball players but we, Diamonders are really lacking in the sports or players... but the important is we have the amazing teamwork.. yeah!! I LOVE DIAMOND!
yg jd bestnye, ktorg byk mendahului topaz tyme tue.. seronok sgt... ktorg kt cnie mmg House-ism sgt2.. tp ktorg rapat je ngan house lain lau xde event.. tp lau ad event, kwn jd lawan tue.. hahaha :P

kay la... penat daa... haha.. next time lak ea... bubbye!

love you dear

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