Wednesday, April 7, 2010


chemistry practical was done. in the best way perhaps. even there's so many carelessly answering did, hope that it will help me to score the A for chem paper. :) don't wanna think about it anymore.  focus on the papers those are coming. tomorrow, there'll no paper but i need to revise the statistics and also chemistry. senang citer, sumer la.

tomorrow, my younger sister will have an interview with a company for a scholarship. i really hope that she'll pass it. yes! she is better in me having more confidence to face the interview. she's a good debater too. so i don't really surprised if she gets it but the one that worries me ryte now is her result. it's not bad but for her applied course, it seems to look she'll be having lot of  things to really convince the scholar.

one whole week to go for the trial papers next week. whole full week. everyday there's papers or at least a paper. and i hardly can't wait for the real CIE. it's not that i'm already fully prepared or something but i'm really eager to go home for the holiday. bringing lighter bags. i want to relax myself during that holiday. me and family. really want to reunite with my cousins and granny. we haven't seen each other for a quite long time. since last Aidiladha. want to spend a night at my Kakcik's house too. playing with nephew and nieces, and also wanna have a chat with my abg cik. he's my bro-in-law. but he's more than that. he's the one who helped me to get out from the problem when i was a kid.

really hope abg cik will get better soon.

to people who love to back-talking, please mind your own business.
(xde kaitan ngan kawan2 ak kat sini ye..)
don't love to be busybody. i don't need your annoying attention and harsh words.

all the best frenz. we can do what we wanna do. :)


starlover said...

Chemistry practical T.T

Zulaykha Nadya said...

bio practical??? :P