Friday, April 16, 2010


yeah! trial da abis. tgu the real, final CIE. lagi tiga minggu...
i'm so grateful that i had already finished the trial papers. even some of them were really screwed..
haha.. so after this, need to really revise for the AS..

we're going for the house trip ryte after the maghrib prayer this evening.
tioman! here we come. (biar satu hari je pon kat sana)
saya berhasrat kat sana saya dapat menemui kembali the real nadia.
the spirit.
coz feeling helpless. really tired. so many things wanna happen at the same time.
hate it.

i feel like flying high to the sky.
together with the birds.
not thinking about the people.
playing with their mates.
free to do anything.
how i wish i'm a bird.

eager to finish the study. i want to work. i want to have my own income. i want to have the freedom to do what i want. cause:

i hate to be ordered to do what i don't like,
i hate to be told doing the thing i know,
i hate to be misunderstood,
i hate to be treated badly.

seriously, i envy my younger sister who got the offer to purchase her study in the broadcasting sector, and she's guaranteed to work with the company. jelesnye~~~~~~~~
belajar skjp je tros dpt kerja. xyah risaw da. huhu.

xpe.. mesti ada hikmahNya berada di KYUEM nie. walaupun isolated, it's not bad to be here except for the hectic academic life. but sometimes, it's fun. hoho. :D

wokeylah. chowz dlu. bye2.

p/s: sherah.. jom 'berseronok' kat tioman. :P


starlover said...

Dya dya!

We had fun kan? Selain lebam-lebam dan luka-luka. Haha.

Zulaykha Nadya said...

main air n sunburn?
dihempas ombak yg kuat...

tenangkan jiwa dan minda..
ngan permainan SNAPS..