Wednesday, April 7, 2010

only words...

lately, i started to feel something's really going on around me in the world.
i do agree with the say, " life's like a spinning wheel ". definitely agree. something's up will be down.
to be down here doesn't mean it's bad right?  maybe it's a state where we could improve ourselves.
yeah. it is. perhaps it'll be a very useful and teach us the right way.

here, i want to question out something.
this simple thing has always wander in my mind.
why did US, the human always search for others' fault?
why didn't US try to look in ourselves?
this also implies to me.
me too is doing the same thing.
i want to change it. because i think that's so not relevant to do THAT.
bey. i'm sorry okay. i love you. ;)

kenapa perlu ada sesi memandang rendah terhadap orang lain ye?
ak xfhm la.
kalau ye pun, diri tu hebat, xperlu la nak show-off.
and yang paling penting, xperlu nak pandang rendah kat orang lain as if others don't do the right thing.
maybe orang lain xsehebat diri tu, tp kita haruslah ingat, manusia ni xperfect.
kite haruslah sedar bahawa hanya ALLAH sahaja lah yg sempurna.
aku bukannya para ulama, mahupun cendekiawan dlm ilmu agama.
namun aku masih ada kewarasan akal untuk berfikir.
masih ada kata-kata yang mampu diluahkan sebagai perkongsian bersama.

i had already sit for my Pure Math trial exam. i firmly hope that i had answered it well.
even i knew that i had already made a silly mistake by wrongly multiplied 3/2 * 3 giving answer of 1/2. haha :D but it was done right? i couldn't return the time.
but the important is

do not take risks that may affect your life. it's not that do not ever try out something new. you must try out because that's the only way for you to experience it. yes! absolutely yes!
tomorrow will be the chemistry practical. pray for me okay. :)

i miss you dear. really want to meet you. and you guys. my G4. my old fellas. my buddies. all of you. i really miss you all. and you all are my dear. without you all, i'm not me. i'm not myself. because all of you are the pieces of my life's jigsaw. and i need all to complete it. 

do be together always...

syg korang semua.. :P

last but not least, i'm really sorry if there's any word that may hurt your feeling. i'm sorry cause it is just my sincere words deeply from my heart. thank you guys. till then, sayonara!

ibu n abah, i love you very much.
prince, syg awk. 

this entry should be posted last nyte. but the connection was terrible.

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