Monday, April 19, 2010

sOme storY

back from tioman.. feeling energized and refreshed. even the trip was really short, it's worth for me going there coz i'm more calm now. hope it'll last.

tioman? i left there with some memoirs. overall, i'm grateful that i went there. i enjoyed myself. hopefully it'll stain forever. feeling closer to the seniors. playing the game of 'SNAPS' together and also the really'easy', 'cheating' CONNECTION. haha.
(bet sherah still didnt get it. hehe)

kalau boleh, nk wat reunion kat cne. sherah cakpa tmpt tu sgt sesuai utk honeymoon.. the atmosphere is so romantic. i saw the sunset. lucky for me and sherah as our room has the perfect sea-view. it was absolutely breath-taking. i can't help myself taking the pictures of the sun. >_<

i hope someday, i'll go to tioman or another island etc sipadan or redang with my beloved people. really hope for that. amin..

ryte now, it is heavily raining. the striking lightning was followed by the loud thunder. trpaksa la sye makan instant noodle je. huhu.. lapor~ nak makan kat dining hall.

tingat plak omelette cheese mushroom kt tioman tue... sdp!!! t blek umah nak try wat sendiri la... hehehe.. satu aktiviti menanti.. but before that, AS! the most important one. yeah, i'll strive for it. insyaAllah.. pray for me okay? :)

next post i'll try upload the pictures in tioman...
see ya!

p/s: sherah, jgn lupakan kejadian manis tue yer.. pkul 5 pagi.. hehe :)

mr froggy,
love you

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