Thursday, April 22, 2010


today, i feel something wrong with me. i don't know whether it is influenced by people surrounds me or it's just myself. i feel like to cry. even there's no reason for it. i just feel to do so. how silly i am right?

i saw fiezul's status on his facebook telling that love people who loves you.

sometimes, i do agree with the saying which goes,
" love people who loves you
is far more better to love someone who doesn't love you."
yeah. because loving person who didn't love us is very tiring.
plus it does make us feel sick at all the time.
so go, search someone who really loves you as who you are.
as it is more worth it for us to love that kind of person. >_<
(it's nothing to do with me at all, just simple thought of mind)

they play a very important role in throughout the life.
they are not just on the paper. they are also in our daily communication.
with words, communication between people will be more lively.
with words also, the communication will turn horrible.
with words too, people can show their love.
with words again, the people can show their hatred or anger.
what such strong power the words have. really powerful right?

and now. i want to share my thoughts about words and written in the words.
i think that words can give so many impressions to others.
with the words we use to talk, to text or even to blog, it does matter.
this can be so much important if we face the real words.
so many harsh words are currently used in the daily conversation.
i don't know how to change it because i'm also one of those people.
and i'm not happy to admit that i'm a person who is very sensitive to the words used.
maybe with a word said, it might make me crying like a baby or
with a word too, it can make me feel so happy and loved.

one word can change the whole atmosphere.
it's my view to the WORD.
i don't know what about you guys..

but the important is we use words to make it real right?

that's all. be happy always. keep smiling everyone.
endure the whatever tests you are facing.
Allah will always be with us.

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