Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Don’t find me if it is just because i crossed your mind.

But do it if you really miss and need me.

Don’t think about me if you think that i’ll like it if you told me that.

But do think of me if you really want to do it.

Don’t appreciate me if you think i’m a doll.

But do appreciate me if i’m really a person to you.

Don’t talk to me if you are forced to do so,

but talk to me if you really want to.

Don’t promise if u don’t mean it

but promise me if you really want to realise it.

Don’t be a liar to me if you want to make me happy because it doesn’t make it real at all.

It just can make it worse.

Don’t tell me jokes if your heart doesn’t feel to do that

but do that if it really feels it.

All of these is all about sincerity.

Don’t be friends to others if you aren’t sincere of that friendship.

Don’t act like you adore people if you aren’t.

Trust ?

Please don’t hurt the feelings of people who trust you.

Because it may give you a really big problem. Once people don’t trust you anymore, it’ll never change even you sacrificed yourselves to make them trust you again. Cause it’ll never do. So please mind ourselves not to destroy people’s trust to us. I can’t imagine living in this harsh world without people trust in us. I think that’ll be my very bad life if I have no one trust in me.

Perhaps I’m not one of these people.

This post is just about my heart speaking out its feeling.

Nothing to do with people in my life. Cause i trust people in my life.

bey.. imy

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