Saturday, April 3, 2010


i really miss my mom..
i do want to hug her at this moment..
i do want to hear her voice comforting me..
i wanna see her so much..
i want her to be at my side..
ibu... really miss you... need you..

~ miss ibu ~

i miss you too..
i love to be at your side...
seeing the smile on your lips..
even you didn't speak too much..
 i know that you really love me..
abah.. i miss you really lots..
~ miss abah ~

i hate to be in this bad mood..
feeling sad and crying..
i love to be as happy as always..
i love you bey.. always do..
never doubt you..
trust you all the time..
miss you too...
~ miss nazmi ~

think that's all.. just wanna let it out from  my heart.. plus, my headache is back.. damn..sorry fwenz..

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